Poll of Polls

Well, it looks as though WordPress has added a PollDaddy feature that allows you to add polls to your posts.  I — I can’t resist!  Must… play… with new… toy!

In this day and age when poll results are announced on a daily (if not hourly) basis (see here, for instance), I feel inspired to announce this poll of polls.  Feel free to respond and have your voice heard on this vital subject of importance to all of us.

(By the way — if my taking advantage of this light distraction to add some levity to my morning is simply annoying and you’d rather pretend that it isn’t here, you can go back to my previous entry in the event that you missed it.  It only posted today, though I wrote it yesterday while offline.)

6 thoughts on “Poll of Polls

  1. Am I wrong to vote here, if it’s wrong to vote in national elections?

    Maybe if we changed the name to “balloting,” like that other group does….

  2. rakkav

    There’s nothing wrong, Richard, with having an opinion poll. Feedback from below of that sort is one of the key principles of God’s government. It’s making the majority opinion the default deciding factor that’s the problem…

  3. Richard: Ha!

    Rakkav: I hope you will permit me a subtle difference of stance. I don’t see “feedback from below” as a key principle as much as the more fundamental principle of leading in love as a servant as opposed to lording it over those ruled or led. Of course, this would entail being in touch with those being led in such a way as to know their concerns and needs.

    And I would hope that this particular poll would in no way be representative of those efforts. 🙂

  4. I don’t believe in polls. The questions can be engineered in ways to extract a desired result. And frankly, we see a lot that already.

  5. I suppose I believe in polls… That is, I believe they exist. 🙂

    Yes, polls can be engineered, that is certainly true. There are good polls out there, they’re just hard to distinguish from the bad ones.

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