Are the debates going to kill me?

I noticed that when the recent Vice Presidental Debate began, my heart rate seemed high, though it seemed to calm down after it had gotten under way.  Tonight, during the Presidential Debate, I actually measured my heart rate at (seemingly) random instances and found it to be surprisingly high.  Here’s what I noted, from beginning of debate to end:  (Note: These are estimated beats per minute, produced by counting over a 10 second interval and multiplying by 6.)

  • 108
  • 90
  • 96
  • 102
  • 108
  • 102
  • 96
  • 90
  • 90
  • 96
  • 84
  • 90

And it was a fairly boring debate, at that!  (Thanks, I think, to what may have been Mr. Brokaw’s choices from among the audience’s questions.)

Now that the debate is over, I notice that I am returning to a resting heart rate (just measured it again: currently 72).

Is there any one out there interested in having a little fun at my expense by offering an explanation for this phenomenon?  For the sake of my family, should I skip the next one and listen to some light music instead — maybe some Barry Manilow?  (Not Copacabana, of course — that would be too stressful.)  Feel free to play armchair psychoanalyst or physician, I can take it.  Just don’t charge me for your services…

7 thoughts on “Are the debates going to kill me?

  1. Well, I’m not going to have any fun at your expense. It sounds like your worried about this country, and I think that is a good thing.

    You might try some string quartet or chamber music if you need to relax. I find the debates a little tedious, myself, so I prefer some Irish folk music or bluegrass. Get happy again.

    Have a good FOT!

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  3. Merrilee

    If it makes you feel any better, I checked my bp during the debate and it had risen 16 points. It’s nice & low now, 106/72. I know you care about this country and it’s unpleasant & even painful to watch what is happening to it. Perilous times are coming. My advise (since you’re asking – how can I resist)? Take ample doses of Phil 4:8 after watching & praying. I hope you have a deeply meaningful Atonement & FOT. =]

  4. It could be due to one or both of two causes:

    a) Your brain needs extra oxygen to figure out what the candidates really mean just based on what they actually say,


    b) You are thinking about what will happen to all of us when either of these candidates becomes president, and “fight or flight” response kicks in.

    Have a great Feast!

  5. Yes, you should skip the next debate. It will be on the start of the third day of the Feast, after all. Put this present evil world aside for awhile — and focus on the future!

  6. rakkav

    Now you know, sir, why I find my particular job so stressful. I react much the same way you do to brilliant displays of illogic (mine or anybody else’s).

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