Fact Checking Last Night’s Debate

I actually got to watch the Vice Presidential campaign commercials debate last night (which was happening a short ways a way in St. Louis), and quite enjoyed it.  I thought Ms. Gwen Ifill did a good job, especially given the controversy surrounding her concerning the recent news of her upcoming book, and I thought both candidates did well with the tasks fate had handed them.

Handling the facts, is another story.  They performed as I expect politicians to perform: “Every fact is in our favor, and every fact is as I say it is.”  Except it isn’t, and it isn’t. 🙂

Today, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published an AP article combing through some of the facts as presented.  And while I am not the AP’s biggest fan, I do not always agree with the article’s interpretation of the facts, and I do not think that the article makes all of the points that it could have, the article is actually fairly balanced and might be worth a read.  Here it is: “Some facts adrift in veep debate.”  I would have linked to the Post-Dispatch version of the article (which I liked better in its some of its wording — but the P-D’s website makes it too hard to find the on-line version.

3 thoughts on “Fact Checking Last Night’s Debate

  1. politixican

    Governor Sarah Palin took the bull by the horns (or in this case, she took Biden by the hair-plugs) and won this debate outright with substance and style! She showed America that she is well-versed in a broad array of social and governmental issues, and conveyed her and running mate Senator John McCain’s campaign message honestly and in a fashion relatable to the common American. This was a great moment, and I firmly believe that she has taken one more big step towards a Republican administration come election day (or some time thereafter, given the near certainty that democratic tactics in Ohio and elsewhere will cause electoral pause for reconciliation of an accurate count). See my site for more.

  2. kathryn

    Having spent the day in prayer for the debate and covered with an Overwhelming JOY it was easy to just worship and give thanks for the hours until the debate. “”SUDDENLY SARAH- THE SEPTEMBER SURPISE*** was free to be who she is during the debate and she was shining! Senator Biden kept up his barage with facts and rhetoric and they just fell to the floor because Sarah was connecting with the people…..She even connected with Ole Joe and he would end up grinning dispite himself. After the debate he and Sarah touched arms and connected on a human level leaving the snarky press to wonder why the families on the stage were so at ease and did not conform to doing the rituals and quick exit. I have no problem at all seeing them at a family BBQ once Sarah is in place in Washington. Biden has been thru some real life challenges that only someone as real and caring as the Palins can connect with. They are both big family folks who enjoy it! Of course Sarah connected with the real people who responded as if they had encourntered a fresh breeze. Many of the undecideds said she got their vote for McCain /Palin ticket and almost all saw that Sarah won. Of course the dem/lib media went schizoid and has been replaying the debate all weekend long to find some way to try to change it. Sarah has been set free to be herself and we all hope that keeps up forever. John Mc Cain sure chose a gem and it will be wonderful for both of them to experience Washington DC together (him to see it thru her new eyes…unjaded and without all the games.) and she to be introduced to those who value someone who has friends in both parties.

    It is all so right….she was made for this…

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