New commentary (and more) up at

I cleaned up my recent commentary about the current economic situation and what it reveals about our leadership and submitted it for a commentary on the Living Church of God website.  That commentary, “Economic crisis, leadership, and prophecy”, is currently up on the home page, as well as a number of other items:

  • A “News & Prophecy” item, titled “Agriculture in crisis”
  • The preceding commentary, “The Large Hadron Collider will not destroy the earth”
  • A link to a sermon titled, “Christian Manhood”
  • A “Q & A” link answering, “What does it mean to be ‘born again’?”
  • A link to view the television program “Armageddon and Beyond”

(Note: The “Q & A” link may be different when you get there, as it is generated randomly.  For instance, I just refreshed and the question now is “How do I know if God’s Spirit dwells within me?”)

Check it out, at!  Some of these items can be subscribed to, so that you receive e-mails when new material is added (which happens almost daily).

What are you thinking?

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