The sun’s on vacation? – A NASA press conference announced

No time to write much, as we are about to head out the door to services out of town, but this news item caught my eye and I thought it was worth sharing with you “watchers” out there, noticed by “Watts Up With That?”:

NEWS: NASA to hold press conference on the state of the sun

I don’t want to make too much of this, as who knows the implications of a dramatically inactive sun.  But we do know that biblical prophecy says that the time of the end will be a time of superlatives — as opposed to “business as usual” — so I think that it’s worth keeping an eye on it…

4 thoughts on “The sun’s on vacation? – A NASA press conference announced

  1. A TV meteorologist I know told me the other day that sunspot production has been markedly down this year.

    Now they’d better not blame global warming for that one…. (LOL)

  2. Well, the sun is not a steady light bulb. It’s energy output waxes and wanes over time. I’d be more worried about the frequency and intensity of the change. Is it speeding up, suddenly getting a little too quiet, getting ready for a sudden burst, or what? Does any one know?

  3. Craig

    Maybe it IS a big deal from a timing perspective.
    One of the most fascinating studies is the study of cycles in nature. Everything in the universe, except the Big Bang itself, seems cyclical in nature (including human nature). Sunspots are well-known and have a documented regular cycle. A quiet period now just means there is an inevitable period of extreme activity in future to compensate. I hope GPS & communication satellites are radiation hardened.
    Could the sun’s future cycle high correspond with major prophetic events?

  4. Al

    It is true the sun goes through these things on a cycle, so when the balancing out comes it will be intense. Aparently they are saying the sun is at a low like no other for 50 years and I recall reading an article from 2006 saying it was low then so maybe the sunspots have been so minimal to cause worry for the future. I really need to see/hear this conference just to get the low down but from what I can tell, we won’t have to worry for another 3 years….not long though really, rap up warm.

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