Category 5 hits Wall Street

Another excellent commentary on the Living Church of God website, this one by Mr. Wyatt Ciesielka.  Here’s the title and opening paragraph:

Category 5 hits Wall Street

While we prayed for God’s protection for those being battered by Hurricane Ike, another storm was tearing through Wall Street the weekend of September 13-14. And, while the full impact will not be understood for months, there is no doubt that a devastating financial hurricane ripped through the heart of US financial systems that weekend.

It’s a great summary of what has transpired over the last week, as well as a crying out concerning the reasons why it is happening.

Check it out.  If it is no longer on the front page by the time you read this, check it out in the library here.

3 thoughts on “Category 5 hits Wall Street

  1. alex

    Great summary of the recent events….

    It is easy to lost in the sea of bad news and not really see what is going on… we can take for granted that things are still ok (a la “where is the sign of His coming, all things carry on as since the times of the fathers’ – close:) ).

    IT looks like things could be very different before the spring Holy Days arrive.

    Have a great Feast of Tabernacles every one!

  2. I know a Church of God deacon who’s an AIG agent. I sent him an “e-card” this week, saying I was praying for him after what had to be a few stressful days.

    I love the last part of what he wrote in reply: “God and His principles are too big to fail.

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