Smells like teen (political) marketing

Our comics pages in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch carried “Mallard Fillmore,” one of the few mainstream conservative comic strips I know of.  I enjoyed today’s.  Read it for yourself here at the Seattle PI website, or just read the text below…

Background: TV blares, “Hey!!… Voting is really Hip, and Cool, and Rad, and Sick and Groovy, Kids!”

Woman: So, why do they call it “Rock the Vote,” anyway?

Mallard: Apparently, “Insulting-Young-People’s-Intelligence the Vote” was already taken…

I touched on this same theme in a post last year — “Smells like teen marketing” (8/20/2007) — except my focus was on the attempts of some modern-day “Christian” churches to get more teens in their pews.  I find it annoying to say the least.  It’s hard to respect God when He is depicted in a manner similar to the kid in your school who constantly panders for the attention of the cool kids and wants desperately to be popular.

What are you thinking?

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