“Sex and the City” – the teenage years

I just saw in the news that Candace Bushnell, the author of “Sex and the City” — famously adapted into the eponymous HBO series and feature-length movie — is now crafting some teen novels to explore the teenage years of her “Sex and the City” protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw.

Why, how wonderful!  We don’t have nearly enough material out there encouraging interest in fornication and godless lifestyles amongst today’s youth, do we?  (Please tell me you detect the sarcasm in that statement…)

Please don’t tell me this will fill some sort of need, or provide a good role model for young girls, et al. (ad nauseum).  If such things were the central motivating purposes, a story and character not connected to that vile program could have been created.  It is simply a chance to make gobs of money reinforcing “values” among teenagers that should be discouraged rather than encouraged.  May God help the next generation, because this generation certainly isn’t doing them any favors.

One thought on ““Sex and the City” – the teenage years

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