Why is Ike still running down my drain?

Well, it isn’t raining anymore today in our part of Missouri, as the remnants of Ike have passed by.  But Ike is still running down the drain in the middle of our downstairs utility room.  It seems that our rental home is horrifically designed from the perspective of water drainage, so water has — again — seeped through the cracks in the foundation to soak our carpets along the walls downstairs.

There’s a (very nice) fellow here now who is walking around and analyzing both what was done/not done in the past and what should be done now to prevent “Swamp Smith” from happening again in the future.  He’ll mak some recommendations to the owners who may order a lot of digging and such around here in the days to come.

Sounds good to me.  In the meantime, does anyone have one of those cool flat boats they use in Louisiana and Florida so I can get from my downstairs den to my office?

(Anyone who wants to nominate me for Exaggerator of the Year are welcome to do so…)

3 thoughts on “Why is Ike still running down my drain?

  1. Watch out for the mold and algae. That stuff is not good. Clorox or some other kind of bleach will kill the mold. Just clorox everything. If the mold gets into the carpet, however; I don’t know – you might consider ripping the carpet out.

  2. Summer

    You have my sympathies. During Gustav our roof leaked a little in the kitchen and it ran into the carpet in the dining area. We’ve been trying to get rid of the stench ever since we returned.

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