Added WSJ’s “Best of the Web” to the Blogroll

I’ve added the Wall Street Journal’s online opinion page’s Best of the Web feature by James Taranto to the “Blogs” list on the right.  I have read it on and off (more on than off at various times) for years, and Mr. Taranto rarely makes it a dull read.  As always, if you click away from this blog, “let the surfer beware” — Taranto may offend some sensibilities (or tastes) at times, but more often than not it is safe, if incredibly snarky.

His bent is definitely conservative (I mean, it is the WSJ), and while I don’t agree with him all the time, I do enjoy most of the time, and I have refered to his website many times on this blog (e.g., here’s a recent one, one further back, and one further still).  So, I have decided to finally give in and add him to the Blogroll on my site.  I’m sure he will appreciate the powerful flow of one or two additional readers a month he will receive from that. 🙂

What are you thinking?

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