Vocabulary Lesson #1 for the AP

Memo to the Associated Press: The better word, IMHO, is rioters, not protestors.

Feel free to comment if you disagree. I could see it both ways. I just hate to glorify these yahoos with anything that possesses even an ounce of nobility, however misplaced. I suppose terrorists could be considered mere protestors, too, from a certain (wrong) point of view.

Also: Is there a reason that anarchists come out to destroy cars and buses and to start fires in the streets to protest the RNC convention but not the DNC convention? Did I miss the news about anarchist riots during the DNC convention, or is rioting during the other party’s convention the standard operating procedure for how an anarchist endorses a candidate? (Is it self-contradictory for an anarchist to have a standard operating procedure?)

Has anyone done an exhaustive comparison of the kinds of (and sizes of and intensities of) protests that accompany each party’s conventions? Might be interesting…

7 thoughts on “Vocabulary Lesson #1 for the AP

  1. With all due respect, sir, the archetypal “modern American convention riot” took place not at a RNC, but at Chicago’s 1968 DNC (see link above). The rioters at either of this year’s conventions are small-timers by comparison. If Chicago 1968 was a “Category 5” protest, this year’s RNC rioters barely rate “Category 1”. Compared to the Chicago 1968 rioters, this year’s bunch probably are just “protestors”, though “narcissistic morons” also suggests itself as a useful descriptor.

  2. Carolyn

    Protesters march around with signs stating what they protest. Rioters destroy property and seem to encourage violence. Sometimes what starts out as a protest can turn into a riot.

    One of the issues that Democrats are for is Pro-choice…Abortion is one of the saddest, cruelest forms of violence I can think of…
    So, I guess it goes to reason in their minds…anyone that is Pro-life is fair game for their violent actions.

    Then there is always the “press” that reports their side of the story, and try to make you think it is “journalism”. The press probably think they are helping out the Dems reporting these acts of “protesting”.

    Just my opinion anyway.

  3. Good point, Carolyn!

    And I have to agree, Pigasus: these guys are amateurs compared to the 1968 DNC bunch. Though it really is interesting to see the issues at hand during the two periods, as well as consider the nature of the DNC then and the RNC now.

    Thanks, both!

  4. Alex

    Might I suggest more fitting terms for theses “protesters” …

    perhaps “thugs”

    or “hooligans”

    maybe “vandals”

    or….. maybe I just shouldn’t say any more. Insert your own comic strip implied expletive.

    It is important to call these persons and acts what they are.

    (signed) Looking forward to the Day when Truth reigns

  5. Wasn’t it both, protesters and rioters (vandals)? Yeah, I missed any commotion for the DNC, or the news didn’t report it. However, it may correlate to the philosophy of the parties. Democrats like to meddle, while Republicans rather be left alone and leave others alone. However, Republicans are looking more like Democrats-lite. McCain and Obama pretty much agreed with each other after the Court overturned the DC gun ban. Strange, then, that McCain picked Republican Palin.

  6. rakkav

    Why would the DNC be opposed this time around by anarchists and anti-authoritarians? The Democrats are themselves fielding the closest thing to a populist demagogue in living memory (or so it is alleged). “Change” is promised through the normal political system. Conditions in and perceptions of that system were quite different back in 1968.

  7. Yes, there were “protesters” in Denver — mostly against U.S. involvement in Iraq. They were on the news feeds. In fact, one group there had a theme called “Recreate ’68.”

    But the DNC protesters seemed to be kinder and gentler, compared to the RNC group.

    I lived in metro Atlanta when the Democrats convened there in 1988, and the protesters had an assigned and fenced-in area down the street from The Omni. Don’t ask me what they were protesting then, as I don’t remember — but they seemed to stay in line. A time of “war” seems to change that.

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