It’s dark here… and I can hear a banjo…

Actually, it’s not a banjo. It’s a guitar. But I thought banjo sounded funnier.

The First Hopefully-Annual LCG Bluegrass Weekend is off to a nice start and all our campers arrived safely. The weather is wonderful this Sabbath evening, and I’m looking forward to Bible study and services tomorrow.

I am thumb-typing my way through this post on my phone’s keyboard mainly to let folks know that any comments submitted this weekend may linger in mediation limbo until we get back later on Monday or early Tuesday. My apologies! (Actually, this campsite has WiFi access — perhaps so the squirrels and other woodland creatures can keep up with presidential campaign news on thir tiny laptops — but I will likely be busy with other things until then.)

So, have a great Sabbath and a wonderful Labor Day weekend! As for me, I’ll be pickin’ and grinnin’. Or scratchin’ and smilin’. Or pointin’ and smirkin’. However it is this Bluegrass stuff works. 🙂

[For the record, this will be the first time for Boys #1, #2, & #3 to sleep in a tent by themselves (though very close to ours). Boy #4 was very content to stay with Mom & Dad and did not seem to feel as though he was missing out. Unusual for him!]

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