LEGO Sue vs. Real Sue

Got back in late yesterday (thanks to those who prayed for our safe travel!), and we’ve been running pell mell ever since.

Had to face Boy #4 this morning and tell him that Dad did not have time to build a LEGO® Sue the Tyrannosaur with him until later since he had to work.  (Mentally insert downcast face of Boy #4, here.)  However, my Beautiful Wife reminded me that I was going to be out counseling from about 6:00PM tonight until past bedtime, so Dad found a few moments this morning before breakfast to produce this masterpiece:

I will let you compare and judge my (*ahem*) talent for yourself:

Brilliant, huh?  I will admit: I would much rather see the real Sue than the LEGO® Sue.  Unless, of course, they were alive.

Although the kids don’t start their core homeschooling coursework until September 1, the day we took at the Field Museum was definitely educational and a worthwhile field trip.

Still, it’s good to be back home!

2 thoughts on “LEGO Sue vs. Real Sue

  1. Craig

    Yes…definitely a masterpiece!

    If you ever make it to Alberta, Canada, take in the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. They have beautiful displays of almost 40 dinosaurs. Take the virtual tours:

    The Badlands surrounding are unreal—you can easily convince yourself that a T-Rex will pop over the next hill to get you!

    Even more attainable, if Mr. Weston can ever convince you to visit Toronto, the ROM is a must. They have over 120 different dinos in their collection.

    Everyone has a T-Rex, but unique in the world is Gordo, their monster 90-foot Barosaurus. The story of how they found it buried in their own collection is amazing.

    Check out the videos and photos with the kids:

  2. rakkav

    “Sue” should’ve been aimed at that elephant when she was set up. She has that “lean and hungry look”. 😉 I’m reminded thereby of the cult classic “The Valley of Gwangi”, in which some meat-eater (an Allosaurus, I think) got to take on a Triceratops and then (in a human stadium) an elephant. Guess who won both times (only to be unable to finish dining on those particular victims)?

    I think your setup of the photos on this blog was even more impressive than your setup of LEGO Sue. 😀

    Anybody for visiting Argentina, assuming someone has skeletons of Giganotosaurus and Argentinosaurus on display by this time? 🙂

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