LCG Commentary: “Sigh and cry”

Howdy, and I hope you are having a wonderful Sabbath!

Now that the LCG website is providing new and changing content six days a week, I’d like to take a moment every once in a while to highlight that content and get people out there to check it out!

I’ll kick off that effort here by posting the introductory paragraph of the Commentary added for Saturday, August 23: “Sigh and cry” by Wyatt Ciesielka…

The young athletes battling for Olympic gold are impressive with their show of grace and strength. But, behind the bright lights of the 2008 Beijing games are lesser-known stories much more worthy of our attention. These are also stories of grace and strength, but more importantly, of mercy, of suffering, and of sacrifice.

Read the entire thing at!  It won’t be on the home page for long, since there are new commentaries being added three times a week (and new “News & Prophecy” items also being added three times a week), so get out there quick!  If you get out there too late and it has already been replaced, then follow these steps (1) Enjoy the NEW commentary that has replaced it, and (2) go to the Commentary library on the LCG website and look up the entry for August 22, 2008 — it should still be there.  There is also a link on the Commentary page where you can subscribe to receive notices of new postings by e-mail.

So, bookmark it, flag it, add it to your Firefox “Morning Coffee” line up — whatever you have to do — but get your fix six times a week at the new LCG website!

[Note: Some of the Categories/Tags assigned to this post correspond to the content of the Commentary I am highlighting here, not this post itself.  Check it out!]

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