Living Church of God Website Redesign

Howdy, all! Beginning today, anyone visiting the Living Church of God’s website,, will begin to notice some changes that are being implemented — most prominent of which is a new look and a more natural navigation structure. Even though I knew it was coming, it still caught me off guard when I checked the website today (using Firefox’s pleasant “Morning Coffee” add-on).

Check it out, yourself! (You can click on the link above or the picture below.)

Portion of LCG Header

Charlotte has announced that a number of new features and enhancements will be coming in the weeks ahead, so keep an eye out. One of the things I like (in addition to the attractive new look) is the prominent featuring of the Commentary and the News & Prophecy sections. These are items that change during the week, so that there will be new content on the front page on virtually a daily basis. For instance, the commentary currently on the page (“What’s wrong with marriage?”) was added just yesterday, and the News & Prophecy item (“Will Britain lose its remaining ‘sea gates’?”) was added just today.

It’s easy to make a webpage too busy and distracting (sort of like going into one of those electronic stores where the number of noises and lights bombarding your brain begin nudging you into an epileptic fit), and I think this configuration strikes a great balance between simplicity and ease of access to information. For additional info, the member-only page is easily accessible from the LCG home page by clicking on the “Member Resources” link on the left.

I’m looking forward to the changes and additions to come, but I am currently enjoying poking around and discovering little things here and there. For instance in the Church News section (from the home page, simply click on “Church News” at the left), there is an August 9th entry featuring a small sample of photos from this summer’s recent Living Youth Camp — nice! And for those of you with access, there is a link there, as well, to our youth website where there are many more pictures to be viewed.

Speaking of our youth website, I know that there are several changes and enhancements in the works there, too! Already, when I checked it out yesterday, I saw that there were oodles of pictures from camp, a reprint of a great teen Bible Study, and a new book review from Mr. Weston. And there are even more things in the works there, about which I have been really excited, so I am trying to keep my eye on the teen website to see when they begin popping up! (No point in linking here, since the youth website requires registration, but if you’ve registered then check it out and keep your eyes open…)

So, enjoy the new website, and keep in mind that there is more to come. A big “thanks” goes out to Mr. Ogwyn and his team in Charlotte for the work they’ve put into all of this for quite some time! It hasn’t always been visible — just like all the time it takes to lay the mostly invisible foundation of a skyscraper — but it is nice to see the “firstfruits” of the things they have worked so hard on beginning to show themselves. Great job, guys!

2 thoughts on “Living Church of God Website Redesign

  1. rakkav

    And, its graphics draw attention to the content and not to themselves. A splash of a few more colors here and there wouldn’t hurt, so long as that noble aim isn’t derailed.

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