World’s Greatest Candy Bar?

Well, with our departure imminent, I have very little time to write.  But, since we are going to be away in Kansas City all weekend for the Regional Bible Study there, I thought it would be nice to put up a quick post to last until then — you know, something with deep meaning and equipped for major societal impact.

So, which is the greatest candy bar of all time? Feel free and respond below.  (The answer is, of course, Snickers.  However, you are still free to respond below with the name of another candy bar, even if it’s the wrong one.)

Have a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Candy Bar?

  1. Of course it’s Snickers! Snickers has more calories to weight ratio than any other food in the world. (truth) and is great for long distance hiking as it is light in the pack and packs a lot of calories.

  2. Carolyn Dwelshauvers

    It depends on what kind of mood I am in. If I am in a more “healthy” mood, I ask for a candy bar with protien…A snickers bar with peanuts or almonds does fit that request…
    My favorite nutty bar, though, is hard to find anymore. Hershey’s for a short time made a candy bar that had several different kinds of nuts in them.

    When I am wanting something more “sweet” than “healthy”, I like a Twix Bar or anything with caramel in it…how do you pronounce “caramel”? I, also, enjoy any of the Dove varieties…though technically, I believe they are just bites of chocolate and not really considered “bars”.

    Belguim has some really great chocolate as well.

    But, sometimes when I don’t feel “nutty” or too “sweet”, a simple Hershey’s chocolate bar will do just fine.

  3. rakkav

    “Even if it’s the wrong one.” Man, talk about circular reasoning. For shame. 🙂 *De gustibus non est disputandum* (there is no disputing over taste).

    Judging solely by what I buy the first and by far the most, it’s Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds. It used to be Snickers, but for some reason Snickers tastes too sweet for me now. So my second choice is usually PayDay or something by Cadbury’s.

    Reese’s PBC’s are WAY too sweet for me, and usually so are M&M’s. Go figure. I never did like Reese’s much, but I used to devour M&M’s like, well, candy.

    Godiva, Dove, Chocolates del Rey (varietal chocolate from Venezuela), some brand from Columbia (also varietal), Toblerone…all these and more rate highly with me. So does York Peppermint Patty.

    Essentially, I like chocolate (and beer, and wine) as in “I like to breathe”.

  4. I haven’t eaten a candy bar in twenty years, but I have to vote for Snickers. I still suffer from temptation when I see those things.

    My current vice is barbequed ribs with a sweet honey glaze. That might not count, however.

  5. Merrilee

    The truth is that Snickers really IS the greatest candy bar of all time. Don’t you recognize the truth when you taste it? Snickers satisfies!

  6. Sometimes you feel like a nut (oops, wrong commercial) — but I usually don’t.

    The one I miss is Hershey’s “Cookies and Mint.” It came out for a short time a few years ago — and came awfully close to the mints on your pillow at motels, or after dinner at Olive Garden.

    “Cookies and Cream” is a good second choice. But I admit I don’t buy those bars much anymore. The middle-aged brain in me calls for Hershey’s Special Dark, for the “health benefits.”

  7. Umi

    It HAS to be Reese’s PBCs, for sure! Thanks for posting all the interesting and intellectually stimulating commentary, Mr. Smith.

  8. Well, it all depends on what you mean by greatest. If your interested in a viscous plug of goo thats sweet and makes you drowsy, then perhaps a Snickers is what your looking for. Moreover, the Snickers bar really plays to the least common denominator of our palate. It fills your mouth with a dense sugary compound that doesn’t abate even when it hits your stomach. Although, I’ve eaten my share of these candy bars, I have to say the following:

    Best Flavor: Heathbar
    Best Texture: 5th Avenue
    Most Fun to Eat: Almond Joy
    Most Satisfying: Snickers and Recees Cup

  9. I’m sorry, Heath, what did you say? I became distracted right after you said “viscous plug of goo that’s sweet and makes you drowsy.” Mmmmmmm… Viscous plug of goo…

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