An Overdue “We’re Back!” Post

We’re back!  Actually, we got in from Michigan Wednesday night, but things have been so hectic that I really haven’t had the time to post anything — including responding to several comments on old blog posts that collected while we were gone.

And I don’t have a whole lot of time right now, either!  I am wrapping up a sermon for tomorrow and longing for that fluffy pillow waiting patiently for my head, but I wanted to take a break and write a quick “thank you” to those who prayed for the teen camp.  It truly was a fantastic experience, and I am very thankful to have been a part of it this year.  The ministers who serve as the camp’s architects and the volunteers who serve as its engine do a phenomenal job, and while I appreciated the fruit that I have seen resulting from their labors over the years (thankful families and stronger teens), I appreciate all of it that much more having personally seen it in action.

That God was at work at our teen camp should have been obvious to even the most casual observer, and, again, it was a privilege being a part of it this year.

In other news, I did spend some time at camp reflecting on this blog and its purposes and whether or not it might be time to hang up the “blogger” hat for now and move on to other things.  I hope to comment on those reflections in the near future.

Have a great Sabbath, and I’ll try to post again soon after the weekend is over!

3 thoughts on “An Overdue “We’re Back!” Post

  1. Deano

    Well priorities are priorities – but I’d sure hate to see you go. Not a whole lot on the internet that is “really” worth checking out.

    Glad y’all are back safe and sound!


  2. rakkav

    You’re not the only one who’d be sad to see you go…but one can only so do much in a 24-hour day.

    Well then, the solution is obvious. Make your day 48 hours long, then cut your sleeping time down to 6 hours per 48-hour day. Problem solved. 😀

  3. I am sorry to hear that you are considering ending your blog. I hope you will continue it. There are VERY few godly websites where major issues can be discussed by Church of God members in a proper and balanced way.

    You have a special gift for this kind of writing. This website may be more benefitial to others than you know, not just now but in the future. It is one of the best blogs on the Internet.
    If you disagree, ask yourself, what other blogs discuss major issues from the perspective of God’s truth, allow reader comments, and are entertaining also.

    If personal time is the factor, perhaps you could simply post less frequently, but keep the blog alive. Also, there may be some tasks associated with operating the blog that you could delegate to others, under your supervision and control of course.

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