This Isn’t a Post

Really, this isn’t a blog post. I had so many things I wanted to write about today — e.g., the Wall Street Journal (or the NYT?) had a fascinating article about the difference between brains and computers — but there just hasn’t been enough time. We leave tomorrow morning at 6 AM to begin the trek to northernmost parts of Michigan for camp, and there has simply been too much to do.

So this isn’t a post. It’s a non-post (OK, it may not be a non-post. Perhaps a meta-post?) letting you kind visitors know that for the next couple of weeks new posts are going to be VERY unlikely while we are at camp and that submitted comments may build up for a while since I will not be able to clear them out of the moderation queue.  Feel free and submit comments — it just might be a while before you see them show up!

Prayers for the safe travel of all who are on their way to our annual teen camp would be muchos appreciated, as would be prayers for the success of that camp. So much goes into preparing for the camp — as I know better this year than before — and the ingredient that makes it all work is God’s active presence and participation!

See you when we get back,
Wallace Smith

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