Bulldozer Rampage in Israel

ITN reported on the horrific Bulldozer rampage perpetrated by a Palestinian in Israel today. I thought that many of my readers would appreciate the video, posted by ITN on YouTube:

Occurrences such as this always remind me about the degree to which I feel America is generally a “soft target” and remind me, as well, to thank God that we haven’t experienced any large scale attacks since 9-11. I do believe they are coming (cf. Lev. 26:16) should our nation not repent, but I can be thankful for the mercy that has been extended to us.

3 thoughts on “Bulldozer Rampage in Israel

  1. rakkav

    I was ON that road in January. And I was IN Liberty Bell Park where the gays recently held their rally, and on the main road where they marched to said rally.

    People will tell you that there’s nothing like having been there to help events there sink in, and you don’t really understand how true that is until you’ve been there…

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