A Tornado Season for the Record Books

News stories about the tornado that struck a Boy Scout camp have me on high alert, given that our own pre-teen camps will begin this Sunday.  Tragic situation–read about it here: “4 dead, 48 injured as tornado hits Boy Scout camp.

What is up with the tornadoes this year?  As USA Today reported last month, as of 5/13/2008 this was the deadliest year for tornado activity since 1998, and things were worsening at such a rate that it might become the deadliest year since 1950–over half a century ago.  Hopefully that rate has slowed.

Having lived through a couple of serious tornado scares in Texas during my childhood, I have always found tornadoes fascinating, but not so fascinating that I want to see one up close and personal!  I’ll leave that to the guys in the TIV.

What are you thinking?

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