Woo Hoo!!! I’m in the Money!!!!

WOO HOO!  What an amazing opportunity just came my way!  Take a look at these two e-mails I just received — I can hardly believe it!  Here’s the first:

Please, consider this mail as very important and do let me know your honest response within the shortest time possible…Obviously, you have no knowledge of who I am, but I am Mrs Paulina Peters , from Sierra Leone, but resident in Guinea Conakry (West Africa).

I am interested in investing in any lucrative business enterprise in your country and do want to use this opportunity to seek your advice on the possibility of investment in your area. Over the recent years, there have been cases of political instability in most countries here in Africa and as a result, I am afraid to invest my money here. On this note, I have decided to look else where for possible investment opportunities, hoping that I would achieve this goal with the assistance of a reliable person.

I would like to know if it would be secured and lucrative to invest in your country and after a careful feasibility study of the various possible fields or industries in your country by your kind assistance, I would transfer my funds to your country for investment. In a nutshell, I do have a large amount of money to establish an ultra modern company in your country, but I will like to know the possible channels available in your area. Please, do assist me carry out a careful survey and get back to me on the various possibilities. If you do not have any much knowledge about investment or business, I will appreciate if you could recommend me to some business experts individuals/companies/business consultants)in your area, who might be of help to me.

I do hope to know you better in the course of time and if trust is established between us, I might need you to be actively and directly involved in this proposed venture. But for the time being, I would like to know you better and hope we could get acquainted within the shortest time possible. In my next correspondence with you, I will give you a clue of how much I intend to invest in your country, but for now, I look forward to receiving your response and hope this opportunity would bring us closer for a possible business relationship between us in the near future.

Have a nice day and best regards,

Mrs Paulina Peters

But it gets even better!  Here’s another one that came shortly after:


It is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I and my Brother (Henry) intend to establish in your country .I am M/s Samira Keita the Duagther to Late Mr Balla Keita From Cote d’ivoire in West Africa. Though I have not met with you before but I believe, one has to risk confiding in succeed sometimes in life. There is amount of ($ m)united states dollars which my late father Deposited with a private security company here in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire before his death.

Now I and my brother have decided to invest these money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside Africa for security and political reasons.We want you to help us transfer these Funds into your personal account in your country for investment purposes on these areas:

1, Five Star Hotel ). Real Estate business or any of your choice that will profite us in return. If you can be of an assistance to us we will be pleased to offer to you 15% Of the total fund. I await your soonest response.

Respectfully yours,
Samira and Henry

Wow!  Just think of what that money is going to do for the God’s Work!  I can’t wait to send my bank account numbers, social security number, and other pieces of personal information to these complete strangers!

OK–not really.  But for some reason I seem to be getting an increasing number of these e-mail scams sent to me.  Still, I don’t think they can beat the one sent to me by CM (not to scam me, but because he knew I would appreciate it):

I am Civ Opopekim, the only son of the late Professor Lawrence Opopekim, of a much respected university in my country of NIGERIA, who was dedicated to the study of RETROCAUSALITY. Upon examining my father’s scientific journals, I have discovered a matter of the most URGENT importance to your future (and past) well-being. As most of my father’s work has not yet been published, I am counting on your discretion in this sensitive matter.

In the course of research, my father discovered the photons created in his experiments were entangled through QUANTUM MECHANICS with photons found in your locale. Further study revealed the break-through discovery of photon tilt patterns in the photons of your area based on experiments planned but yet to be performed by my father.

Alas since my father was poisoned to death with tainted YAK MILK by scientists from rival laboratories who lured him to GENEVA under the false pretense of a scientific conference, a financial situation has arisen where I can no longer assure the continuation of his research or the operation of his laboratory (it embarrasses me to admit this sad truth).

As a person of science, you are aware that even changes at the quantum level cause universes to take separate but parallel infinite paths. I fear that if I am unable to continue my father’s schedule of experiments and therefore cause the photons in your immediate area to not have tilted in the way they already have, the life you have come to know and enjoy will cease to be and you will find yourself in a parallel existence unfavorable to you.

To this end, and for the sake of your past and current self as well as my father’s research, I humbly ask you for the sum of US$10,000, which will allow me to keep for father’s laboratory open for a time to carry out the scheduled experiments.

As an indication of your willingness, please forward to me your: full name, company, full contact address, phone, cell, fax, city, sate, zip code, occupation, SSN and all the necessary information will be sent to you on the acceptance of this arrangement.

I wonder if threatening someone with the phrase, “Give me $10,000 or my experiment will send you into an alternate universe,” could be counted as extortion in court.

(Credit where it is due: The physics based “Nigerian e-mail scam” was posted on the blog of Kathryn Cramer, here.  FWIW: Ms. Cramer happens to be the daughter of physicist John Cramer who is experimentally exploring the possible existence of retrocausality, which I have been hankering to write about for some time.  If you check out her blog, which has some interesting posts related to her dad’s work, please keep in mind I cannot guarantee the contents of anything that I do not write — so let the surfer beware!)

Anyhoo, I imagine some of you out there get these sort of fraudulent e-mails all the time.  Scams have been a part of human experience since Satan tried to convince Adam and Eve that they are immortal (and many are still buying that one).  Whether it’s a manifestation of the prophesied “love of many” growing cold (Matt. 24:12) or “lovers of money” in the last days (2 Tim. 3:1-2) or simply standard, run-of-the-mill carnality meeting technical opportunity, it sure is annoying!

11 thoughts on “Woo Hoo!!! I’m in the Money!!!!

  1. Well, congratulations! You’ve received a new variant of the old inheritance scam. I’ll have to tell Bob about this. He’s a professor emeritus of criminology at CSU. He’s documented the old scam in one of his texts, but I’m not sure that he’s heard this one!

  2. slimmer

    The way satan and followers work never will probably never stop, that is until the end of days!! But another thing that amaze me is the fact that people still buy into these scams!! Btw: GREAT SITE!

  3. rakkav

    What is it with that equally annoying modernism “anyhoo” – and hoo (I mean, who) came up with it anyhoo (I mean, anyway)? As if “anyway” isn’t bad enough, when one thinks about it…

    Just one more obstacle to foreigners (including Nigerians) learning to speak English 🙂 – and some of these scammers need all the help they can get. 😀

    That said, the number of scams I’ve been getting along these lines have been running within about the same statistical range since I’ve gotten online here. So long as there’s a sucker born every minute and there are end-timers ready to take advantage of them, I suppose that trend will continue. That scam based on retrocausality is refreshingly funny.

    יוחנן רכב

  4. rakkav

    Hi again, Mr. Smith!

    Hold on, Dear Sir. (I’m sorry that I didn’t think of this sooner.) Satan’s scam wasn’t that Adam and Eve were already immortal. His scam was “you shall not surely die” — that is, the wages of sin are not death (cf. Romans 6:33). More than one possible logical consequence follows from this. Atheism (which denies both God’s law and immortality) is as much a child of this thesis as is paganism or any other worldview created apart from God. This shows just how subtle Satan really is — every confused and confusing paradigm man has under his influence stems from that one simple statement, one way or another.

    יוחנן רכב

  5. Great point on Satan’s lie, Mr. Wheeler. As for anyhoo, I’m not really sure hoo would have a problem with it, a long as it is used sparingly. 🙂 I read recently of Theodore Roosevelt’s failed attempt to reform the spelling of 300 English words, so perhaps I felt inspired…

  6. rakkav

    Thanks for not jumping all over me for my impertinence, Mr. Smith. I feel duly humbled, and glad that my comment on Genesis 3 helped despite its cruise-missile-delivery style.

    On the reformation of English spelling, I’ve made one or two Brits an offer to pass on to their countrymen. “You shorten all those French-derived ‘-our’ endings to “-or”, and we’ll start spelling a certain element ‘aluminium’ rather than the preposterous (and inconsistent) ‘aluminum’ that we’re used to using.” No response from Buckingham Palace or the BBC yet. 🙂

  7. “Retrocausality” — isn’t that a big way of saying if you sow the wind, you’ll reap the whirlwind?

    Or as they used to say on TV pro wrestling shows: what goes around comes around?

  8. Howdy, Richard!

    Actually, no, thats run-of-the-mill causality. 🙂 Retrocausality would be magically reaping the whirlwind today as a consequence of sowing the wind tomorrow. When current Event A causes future Event B, that’s causality. But when current Event A causes past Event B, that’s retrocausality.

    Although such “backwards causation” violates common sense, the known laws of physics do not forbid it, and physicists are only now coming up with “doable” experiments to test for its existence.

  9. rakkav

    “The known laws of physics”? What about the Law of Entropy, aka Time’s Arrow? That’s why backwards causality “violates common sense” — literally all the empirical evidence there is shows that the universe had a beginning and has been running down from there. Causality follows entropy, according to everything I am aware of (not that I am a physicist).

    That said, I seem to recall that someone won a Nobel Prize for showing that the path of an anti-electron (positron) was the same as the path of an electron if it could move backwards in time.

    יוחנן רכב

  10. Howdy, Mr. Wheeler —

    I don’t think that the Nobel Prize was actually won for the observation, but the observation was made by a Nobel Prize winner, Richard Feynman, and his Feynman diagrams of particle interaction help to illustrate that interaction.

    As for the possibility of retrocausation violating the law of entropy, I do not see why this would be the case at all, so my statement stands.

    Please keep in mind, I did not say that causation is to lose meaning. For instance, I am not saying that the possibility of retrocausation implies that we cannot know which event is the cause and which is the event. Rather, it says that there may exist instances in which the effect occurs before the cause.

    I have never heard an expression of the Law of Entropy that would conflict with such a possibility. Even the conceptualization of “Time’s Arrow” brings no difficulty, being, as it is, a tying of the universal net increase in entropy to the perceived forward movement of time. As a certain helmeted figure once said, “There is no conflict.” 🙂

    I hope this helps.

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