Yes, I do exist (contrary to popular belief)

Howdy, all!  Well, my unintended holiday from blogging has been very restful, indeed!  With everyday of the conference last week being so full and with life since the conference being just as full, blogging has fallen by the wayside.  While I have been enjoying some time these days with my wife’s family and will see my step-father and sister on the way back to Missouri tomorrow, any time I have spent at my computer these days seems consumed by pre-teen camp and other red hot projects.

Having mentioned it, let me just say that the conference was fantastic.  I enjoyed every minute of it, including the time outside of the conference, itself.  It is very helpful to be able to talk with fellow ministers on occasion and this was no exception.  The staff in Charlotte did an absolutely wonderful job at helping things to go smoothly, and they have my thanks!  Those who had presentations or lectures or handled the Q & A session provided real meat and inspired direction, and the heartfelt sense of unity and purpose among those assembled was unavoidable.  Overall, it is humbling for my wife and me that we get to work arm and arm with such dedicated people, and we are thankful be a part of such a team and a part of God’s work in the Living Church of God.

One particularly moving highlight was the commencement ceremony for the six individuals from four different countries who had earned a Certificate of New Testament Studies at Living University.  Two students were present and each delivered an address to the assembled crowd, while of the four who could not be there, the two studying in Australia gave addresses through recorded video presentations.  The ceremony left me teary-eyed at several points, and for me it was a wonderful confirmation that the creation of Living University was an decision inspired by God and that He is using the University for His purposes.

While on one hand it was a little sad to leave the conference, on the other hand I felt very “fired up” to act on what I had been given and it is exciting to be headed home–however slowly!

The missus and I (and the kiddos) will be stopping in Branson on our way back to research some cites for Feast activities, but we will be in Illinois Wednesday evening in time for the Bible Study scheduled there.  So, rest assured, we are coming back.  Like it or not. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Yes, I do exist (contrary to popular belief)

  1. rakkav

    Dear Mr. Smith,


    Well, we can’t deny your existence simply because we couldn’t see you, no more than one can logically deny God’s existence simply because we can’t see Him. We infer your existence through your revelation (in this case, your blogs), although since you’re not immortal yet it’s good to have a renewal of your revelation to reassure us.

    It’s all very good news — thanks for passing it on! But speaking from recent experience, may thy humble servant beg thee to remember James 4:13-17 when thou speakest of thy travel plans. Thou never knowest what might rise up to bite thy horse or camel on the path named Critical.

  2. Howdy, Mr. Wheeler —

    Thanks for the reminder, but I must say that I do believe I actively kept myself from mentioning the “standard James 4:15 disclaimer” aloud (or in print) while writing of our plans out of my concern that I sometimes say it too often (at least verbally). I don’t wish it ever to become a token thought or superstitious additive for me. 🙂

    Good to hear from you! Warm regards.

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