Unexpected benefit of this blog (for me, at least!)

Howdy from Charlotte, about 7 hours before our conference starts!  I am up later than I should be trying desperately to finish a task that I do not want hanging over my head and distracting me during the conference, and I have discovered a nice benefit to my blog (for myself, anyway) that I did not anticipate.

I often come across articles in the newspaper and in magazines that I want to keep for future reference (say in scripts, sermons, or other writings), but a system for filing them and retrieving them effectively and efficiently eludes me.  (Suggestions are welcome!)  Mr. Ames seems to have a wonderful system, but he is light years ahead of me in this regard.

However, if something moves me enough (and I have a spare moment) to pen a note on this blog about it, then the reference is highly retrievable.  I just now used the blog’s search capabilities for administrators to retrieve some references I wanted, found in this old post: “Mind and Brain: NOT the same…” Very nice!

Well, break’s over: back to work–and then sleep!  Our time “pre-conference” has been amazingly profitable and I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend.  Everyone’s prayers for the success for the conference would be appreciated!

One thought on “Unexpected benefit of this blog (for me, at least!)

  1. Deano

    Hello Mr. Smith,

    Hope all is well.

    Scanning hard copies, with “subject descriptive” titles, into your PC as pdf files, in appropriately labeled folders within a master folder might help.

    If the article is online, copy and paste to a word document can work if you’re worried about the article disappearing from the internet. (Might have to get permission on some things due to copyright laws)

    You just have to be careful when you’re saving the files, to put them into the right folders, so you can retrieve them later.

    Hope something of this is helpful.


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