Point that donut somewhere else, lady — it might go off!

What a day!  Taking care of things that have built up during our trip to Branson has consumed much of it, but not quite all.  I plan to devote the remainder of the day to my family to help make up for what little they had of me this past week — funny how you can spend the week together, but when you’re out for business purposes they don’t really get as much of you as you might think!

Still, I wanted to post just one more “Unleavened Bread 2008” story, this one from a good friend (and reader of this blog!  Howdy, GW!) we had the pleasure of meeting for dinner one evening this past week.

He said that he walked into a place one morning this week and there was a Krispy Kreme lady handing out donuts (I know: it’s “doughnuts” at Krispy Kreme…).  As he came into the room, the lady seemed to virtually shove the donut in his face, and he was amused at his spontaneous reaction of shock and fear — almost as if she had pointed a gun at him!  His reenactment was funny, and I sympathized.

It made me think about how much better off we would be if we took sin that seriously, treating it as a weapon of mass destruction instead of inviting it into our lives — seeing it as a source of death instead of an opportunity for quick thrills.

OK, did I say one more story?  I should have said two, though this next one isn’t really a story, it’s a comment.

Being in Branson doing some Feast-prep workmeant being outside of my normal element, as well as eating out more than we would like.  And while I did not slip in the leaven department (at least not knowingly), I must say that I cannot take all the credit for that, for much of it belongs to my wife.

Really, I don’t know how many times this past week I have said, “Well, we could eat here…” or “We could get one of those…” — suggesting paths that lead inevitably down Leaven Lane.  It was my wife who routinely reminded me, “Dear, those are leavened…”

The lesson to me (one of a few) was that other people — good, honest, and willing to speak-the-truth friends — can be a real aid to helping us walk the straight and narrow.  IF, that is, we don’t get too easily offended at the help.

There were a number of times I could have responded, “Honey, I know it’s the Days of Unleavened Bread!  Do you think I want to go in there and ask them to start shoveling hamburger buns down my throat?!?”  But (1) it wouldn’t have been the kindest of responses, (2) her intentions were completely sincere and lacking in self-righteousness, and (3) I was, frankly, benefiting greatly from her attentiveness — an attentiveness that I was sadly lacking at times.

(Is it 6:00PM already? Ack!)

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful conclusion to their observance of God’s festival tomorrow and a pleasant reintroduction to the world of the fluffy stuff. 🙂  Remember, leaven can picture good things, too (Matthew 13:33)!

3 thoughts on “Point that donut somewhere else, lady — it might go off!

  1. alex

    Hello All!

    I hope you have all had a great Unleavened Bread. It was an it was an opportunity to share with others why i avoided leaven – it made some curious. BUT… I had to share this with you (Mr. Smith, I know you will relate). My work space is just adjacent to the break area and kitchen, so everyone comes and goes with their food and occasionally someone brings treats to share. This week all sorts of leavened goodies showed up at the office: Bagels, and PIES!! (i believe the culprits were cherry and apple). It just goes to show you that it we must be on guard for the sins (or pastries :)) that so easily ensnare us!

    Have a great Sabbath and Last Day of Unleavened Bread.

  2. paths that lead inevitably down Leaven Lane.

    Good thing you weren’t in the Kansas City area. Some people there believe in Leaven’sWorth! :–>

    P.S. We had a delivery of big chocolate chip cookies to my workplace this week. And it struck me as a bit odd, because it came from the organizers of a St. Jude Children’s Hospital fundraiser in my town. Wasn’t Danny Thomas Jewish?

  3. Deano

    Yeah, it seems like bread, er um, sin is lurking in every corner. It was a super busy week and so it was difficult to have prepared food. As a result I ate out a lot. I ate lots of salad at one deli shop and lots of grilled chicken at another place. It seemed I could find no place without sin, er um, I mean bread …

    Luckily, a couple nice young ladies here in Dallas made baskets, or bags, of unleavened bread and handed them out; so I was able to eat some for breakfast before heading out into the bread-saturated, sin-sick world throughout the week …

    Pizzeria here I come . . .

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