Leavening Lust

We have four of ten toes out of the hotel room today, but thought I would record this quick observation.

In the breakfast room at the Quality Inn here in Branson, watching my son’s face (Boy #1) as the breakfast guy dished out some fluffy, most-definitely-leavened pancakes was fun.  The drool almost dripped out of his mouth, methinks.

Sin sure is enticing, isn’t it! 🙂  The “passing pleasures of sin,” indeed (Heb. 11:25)…

2 thoughts on “Leavening Lust

  1. Thinker

    What is interesting is that we as humans can actually enjoy sin when God says that it is bad for us. You wonder why if it is that bad why do we enjoy it? Well,if sin was automatically so distasteful to us all then we wouldn’t have to choose and that’s not what was intended. We weren’t intended to go by instinct. Where does the desire come from? Where did the desire come from when the angels sinned? Does it all have to do with going by revelation and rejecting curiosity? Does every thinking,reasoning being that God has created have some built in desire(or pulls)?

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