Earthquake left us neither shaken nor stirred…

Given that an earthquake felt in St. Louis is in the news today and given our proximity to St. Louis, some of you may be wondering if we felt it.

Afraid not.  I went to bed at about 2:30am this morning, around 2 hours before it hit, and I was — and stayed — sound asleep.

Actually, no one in our house work up and nothing in our house was shifted or moved, etc.  So it looks like we missed the excitement.  However, my Beautiful Wife tells me this morning that she dreamed about an earthquake last night… [cue Twilight Zone music, here]

2 thoughts on “Earthquake left us neither shaken nor stirred…

  1. mom t

    Mr. Smith,
    4:39 this morning my husband and I were having coffee on the couch watching Fox news. We felt it, and it made our, mostly unstable intertainment center, sway a little. It was kind of a gentle movement from side to side . I am from California, so I was wondering if this was going to happen again, only bigger. . . It didnt, I was glad.

  2. I felt exactly two earthquakes when I was in California, both when I was in the SF Bay Area. Both were about 4.0. I was in bed both times. Both times I *dreamed* that I was in an earthquake, only to wake up to calmness…and THEN, within a couple of seconds, the earth started shaking. (And those are far from the most striking examples of the sort of prescience, waking or sleeping, that I get from time to time.)

    I’ve also seen two, perhaps three bright meteors in broad Southern California daylight when I was living in Pasadena (at Ambassador College) — and nowhere else before or since. I just happened to be looking at the right directions at the right times.

    Let’s see your Beautiful Wife top *those* stories. 🙂

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