Blair’s first major post-PM speech: “Faith and Globalisation”

In the event that some of you haven’t heard, former Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair has not been resting on his laurels since last turning the key at 10 Downing Street. From converting to Catholicism over the last year and becoming an international envoy to the Middle East, to having his name constantly bandied around as a possible first president of the growing European Union, he has now formed a religious “Faith Foundation” (as The Times describes the foundation, it is “no less than an attempt to save religion from extremism and irrelevance, and find a way for the world’s religions to co-exist peacefully”), he is certainly busy.

As readers of this blog will no doubt be surprised, his new more public forays into the field of religion, as well as his hypothesized interest in the to-be-formed top job in the EU have my interest.

There is an interesting WordPress blog out there that had been devoted in the past to supporting Mr. Blair in his role as Prime Minister (I assume from it’s web address: “”), but which continues keeping tabs on him.

The entry on April 8 has many clips of the recent speech Mr. Blair gave at Westminster. It was his first major public speech since leaving office, and his focus: religion and politics.

Below, I have embedded the first clip featured on that pro-Blair blog, but the entry itself has much more — both comments about the speech, as well as many, many video clips. The blog also has links to a video of the entire speech, as well as a transcript. It might be worth a look — check it out here: “Blair – ‘Cometh The Hour’ vs Militant Secularism.”

Here’s the very brief clip, from YouTube (Channel: BritishSatelliteNews, Video:”FORMER LEADER ON IMPORTANCE OF FAITH”):

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