OK, now somebody’s messing with me…

OK, now somebody’s messing with me. My WordPress record of searches people followed to find this blog has turned up two variants:

  • “i am a dog and i walk in eternity site:w” (probably truncated)
  • “i am mr. rogers and i walk in eternity”

Of course, the first one’s ending in “site:w” may indicate that the person was specifically hunting for this site — impossible to tell since the search terms are sometimes truncated for length. The second one, however arrives at the “I am a cat…” entry when Googled. In this case, probably a classic example of studying the phenomenon (by posting about it) leading to shaping the phenomenom.

I suspect that I will get many more searches of the form “i am a(n) X and i walk in eternity” from here on out. You know, turning blogs into book deals is getting to be all the rage — would anyone be interested in buying 120 pages of “i am a(n) X and i walk in eternity” variations? No, I didn’t think so either…

However, I must say that I have a new near-favorite search term (I am not sure it passes the “i.a.a.c.a.i.w.i.∞.” search) that was apparently used yesterday and led someone to this blog: “dancing corn dogs observe the sabbath.” Yes, indeed — I’m sure they do. And for the record, two additional views came from the slightly different “dancing corn dogs keep the sabbath.” And (for the record)², I know that the search results that are kept by WordPress are stripped of their quote marks, so you don’t know if someone was searching for an exact phrase or for a somewhat disjointed collection of words unless you try the search out yourself, but — please — don’t ruin my fantasy: I love the idea of someone out there actually searching for information about dancing corn dogs that observe the Sabbath.

If you, dear reader, are the dancing corn dog searcher, please don’t think I am making fun of you — search strings often look silly when considered in isolation, and I know that some of mine have looked ridiculous without context.  This comment is meant to express my gratitude — rarely have I been able to begin a Sunday with a more joyous image in my mind than the sight of two corn dogs dancing for joy and observing the Sabbath.  [Pause, here, as he watches the scene in his mind a few moments…]  Really, you have my thanks. 🙂

(Personal note: Infinity — If you ever top this last search string I mentioned, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!)

By the way: experimenting with Google indicates that the dancing corn dog searcher was probably brought to this site due to the combination of these two posts: “Sabbath vs. Sunday on WND and Mr. Laurie’s silly comments” and “The Great Corn Dog Battle of 2008“.

2 thoughts on “OK, now somebody’s messing with me…

  1. For the record: when looking for the exact phrase “dancing corn dogs observe the sabbath” (no quotes), Google comes up with this blog only. When looking simply for all those words (excluding “the” automatically), it comes up with about 203,000 entries, and this blog (so far) heads the list.

    That little test did lead me to an interesting page of what could be an interesting site:


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