Baby Branson FOT website now up!

With a quick post-sundown visit to our closest Mac store tonight for advice and increased know-how, the baby version of our 2008 Branson Feast of Tabernacles website is now up. Those of you who get the (very nice!) Festival brochure — if you haven’t already gotten it — can now actually surf to the website we provide there and find a real website!

Is it wonderfully useful, yet! Well, no. It still only has one housing option detailed, but we should be adding more soon.

Even now as I check out the newborn website, I see several things that I did not notice before I published it that I plan on changing ASAP (e.g., I left the link to the condo resort website off of the housing page, although it is present on the “Links” page). And, should you go visit the website you’ll notice that some of the pages look very rough because, well, they are very rough. 🙂 But I wanted to make sure that there was something out there waiting for you eager web surfers to encourage you to come back as information, pictures, links, etc. begin to be added over the days and weeks to follow.

If any of you out there in the Living Church of God are headed to Branson for the Feast and have a recommendation concerning the Festival website, please feel free to send it to me. I like feedback and advice, as long as I can be confident that you won’t be offended if I don’t always take your advice! (BTW: I would prefer if you would e-mail me directly for comments on the Feast, the Festival website, or for Branson-related questions, as opposed to using this blog. For the sake of reducing the amount of spam I receive in my life, I will not put my e-mail address here, but it is available on our member website, as well as on the LCG Festival Brochure.)

So, it’s out there — a baby website it may be, but it will grow! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Baby Branson FOT website now up!

  1. Terri

    We’re not going to Branson, but I’ll definitely check out the site. I think it’s a great idea.

    But I just have to ask, as mathematically minded as you are……you’re using a Mac???????

  2. Yes, I suppose that does need qualifying…

    I have planned for some time to have a Branson site up and running, but with the amount of other work I have to do the task kept being put on the back burner.

    In steps my Beautiful Wife and her MacBook. Together, they volunteer to get it going using iWeb, which came with her computer.

    In need of help, I gratefully accepted and while many of the Mac conventions still annoy me, I have appreciated having iWeb as a resource. Without a great deal of additional cost, the site looks pretty decent IMHO and will continue to look better (and be more helpful) as we figure out more and more what we are doing.

    (For the record, if the color scheme is boring to you, that is my fault. My wife prefers bright colors, but she is yielding to my tendency toward formal grays, etc.)

    No, I am not losing my PC favoritism any time soon, though I do occasionally here a quiet whisper emanating from my wife’s MacBook, saying, “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile…”

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