A Great Change for Married Soldiers in Iraq

I thought this was an interesting article.  Married soldiers in Iraq are now being allowed to live in the same quarters instead of guys with the guys and gals with the gals.  If you’d like to read yourself, here you go: “Married Troops Can Live Together in Iraq.”

From the article:

“It makes a lot of things easier,” said Frazier, 33, a helicopter maintenance supervisor in the 3rd Infantry Division. “It really adds a lot of stress, being separated. Now you can sit face-to-face and try to work out things and comfort each other.”…

“Some of the stuff I’ve seen, if she weren’t here, I’d be a lot less cool about it,” Matthew said as the pair sat inside their potpourri-scented living quarters – a mere 120 square feet, with a TV set atop two black lockboxes, an impressive collection of stuffed animals and a Chicago Bears plaque. “There was one night in particular, I saw something… I came in here, talked to her for a few minutes, went outside, took a deep breath and I was good to go.”

The statement reminded me of some advice given to me by one of my math professors when I was trying to decide if I wanted to pursue graduate school.  Weighing on my mind heavily at the time was the fact that I also was very much interested in getting married and the professor from whom I was seeking counsel had been married with children while he was pursuing his advanced degrees.  His observation was that on one hand the process was difficult on his family and that it really limited the time he had to spend with them, while on the other hand he said that being married really seemed provide him a balance and a peace or stability that the single graduate students didn’t have.

Anyway, it’s nice to see such a change in policy, and I’m happy for the families who are benefiting from it.

2 thoughts on “A Great Change for Married Soldiers in Iraq

  1. Interesting policy indeed, although I was just reading through Moses’ law on warfare in Deuteronomy and wondering what he would think of all this. The last two or three paragraphs of the article (in addition to the one you cited) were especially striking for me.

    This issue reminds me of the old Gauls, who had everybody — including husbands and wives — who could fight against the Romans do so. Had they been better organized (and had God not had other ideas: cf. Daniel and Revelation), they might’ve won.

    Somewhere along the line, I remember seeing a photo of a Roman statue depicting a Gaulish couple that had lost a battle against the Romans and were about to commit suicide. Wow, marital bliss that wasn’t.

  2. Howdy, and thanks Mr. Wheeler —

    Lest anyone misunderstand me, I am not a supporter of having women in combat. Call me sexist if you like–I’m OK with that. But given that their presence there is not going to be changing, I think it is a blessing to those involved that they can at least have some semblance of a family life together. I’m not saying it is all “pro” and I am not saying it is without “con”–just saying that it seems merciful and, at least from a certain perspective, beneficial.

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