Waterlogged but OK in Missouri

Howdy, all!  I have gotten a number of questions tonight from folks who were worried about our proximity to St. Louis and how our brethren here were doing with all of the flooding.  Regrettably, I did not think to send a note to our Headquarters in Charlotte so that it could have been added to the weekly HQ update, yet at the same time many water ways were expected to crest today, so any comment might have been premature.

So how is everyone in the area?  The short answer is that we all seem to be doing fine, but the longer answer adds the caveat that I still have some people to check on.

Personally, the Smiths are in good shape.  The return of my Beautiful Wife and Energetic Children was delayed a day due to the big storm Tuesday, which on the radar screens seemed as though is was aligned precisely to coincide with their route back from Texas.  They drove on Wednesday, instead, arriving just before midnight Wednesday evening.  They were delayed a bit by the fact that I-44 was shut down at one point due to being under a good bit of water.

Our home was never in danger of flooding, but late this afternoon my son (Boy #1) noticed that the carpet in our downstairs living area was wet.  Sure enough, water had seeped up through some cracks in the foundation, and the areas around the walls were completely soaked.  We called management (we are renters), and they sent some nice folks to pull the carpet up, remove the sogging carpet pad, and place some big fans in there which will blow continuously for the next three days until the previously mentioned nice fellows return.  In the meantime, our furniture is sort of crammed together in the middle of the room, and the office troll’s cave is more unusable than normal, as many things from the waterlogged room are being temporarily stored there.  (Thus, the office troll is currently blogging from the kitchen, where he is desperately trying to avoid the delicious Cupcakes of Doom, sitting in some Tupperware a short seven feet away…)

Tomorrow at Sabbath services I will be able to check on those whose status I do not yet know, but I have good reason to expect the best.

Anyway, that’s all I have.  So many of you have asked how folks here are doing (and you have my many thanks for being concerned for all of us here!), and I thought this was a good place to let everyone know.

Take care, and have a wonderful Sabbath!

2 thoughts on “Waterlogged but OK in Missouri

  1. O Fellow Internet Troll, 🙂

    Wow, I guess this is part of your Pre-Passover Trial. (Maybe we should put out welcome mats with “Trial Sweet Trial” at this time of year.)

    I’m glad to read that you and yours and most of your property is safe thus far. I pray the same is true of the brethren in the rest of the country — from all accounts this last storm system has been a doozy.

    I know that (unless we’re Jewish) we don’t keep Purim, but were I doing so in the Eastern U.S., I’d find this a bummer of a holiday. I’m sure it has been an Anything But Good Friday for a lot of folks.

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