I’m back! Really!

I’m here! I really am!

My apologies to anyone who has been coming out here looking for any sort of signs that I was alive. Both blogging and e-mail have been suffering since my return Sunday from Charlotte. (If you have sent me e-mail and are beginning to wonder if I’ve been kidnapped or something, don’t give up hope!) Today I am trying to catch up on e-mails and phone calls. I have been doing a bit of it since my return, but it has really only been at the “emergency maintenance” level (which, you may have noticed, included some comment moderation). So, today I am working to bring everything back to baseline!

The trip to Charlotte was, as usual, wonderful — very profitable. I am so thankful that my work on the telecast gives me the opportunity to visit occasionally with some of the neatest people I know. From top to bottom, God has populated the office there in North Carolina with an incredible group of people, and it’s a real blessing to get to see them more frequently than I would otherwise. It’s amazing what they accomplish with such a relatively small team — amazing, but not surprising (Zech. 4:6). The congregation, as well, is wonderful — and growing! And being there over the Sabbath was a real treat.

I have been in regular contact with my Beautiful Wife, and her visit in Texas is going well, also. She and the kids are enjoying themselves and soaking up the opportunity to spend time with their family off in that foreign land under the Lone Star.

So much has come to my attention over the last few days (and before) that have been wonderfully bloggable, but I don’t know that I can commit here to “catching up” in that regard. I find that once I mentally “commit” to writing about all of the things that have grabbed my attention over a period of days, the burden of starting tends to prevent me from, well, starting. So, I’m going to have to settle for a “reset” and blog from scratch.

Well, except for one thing. I will probably post about that next. And, I might hit some of the other things in a “potpourri” fashion — that might help me close those open loops in my mind without the ugly feeling that comes from just dropping them altogether. We’ll see.

Regardless, it is good to be back, and if you’ve e-mailed me recently don’t worry — I really do plan to respond! I’ve just got to remember how to work MS Outlook…

One thought on “I’m back! Really!

  1. You were gone?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist! 🙂

    You managed to make and keep your presence pretty well here, despite all your travel, work and exhaustion. I doubt if I could’ve done nearly as well, although on my recent trip I tried.

    May God continue to empower you and all who are called by Him to participate in His Work.

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