Me tired plane go soon me go too me tired

Well, earlier today I was planning to take a break and post a funny story (well, funny to me, which doesn’t guarantee you anything) about the time when I was a young teen and I decided (in futility, I’m afraid) to create a new numerical system for myself based on the undefined expression “zero divided by zero”.

However, as thrilling as such a post might sound, I’m going to have to skip it for now.  I took few breaks today, to be sure, but when I did I’m afraid that I didn’t feel like I could spare the synapses to post anything worthwhile.  As an illustration, during one of my breaks I listened to a “Weird” Al Yankovic song a few times in a row.  Definitely gave the synapses a rest.  (As another illustration, consider the questionable quality of this post!)  However, it was a very productive day, so I’m not going to knock it.  (Though I might give it a gentle shove…)

So I am writing this to say that I will be flying out to Charlotte in about 10 hours, assuming that God will allow the weather to cooperate.  Being there in North Carolina, my posting may become erratic over the course of this week.  That is, more erratic than usual.

My apologies if any comments linger in “comment moderation limbo” for longer periods than usual over the next week.  (As Euripides wrote in “Medea”: Moderation, the noblest gift of heaven…)  Where I will be staying does not have Internet access, if I recall.  I will have a connection when I am at the HQ building during the day, but I will be horribly busy during those moments and unlikely to be able to say much more than “woosh!”  Still, I will write if I can!

We are filming Thursday, which means I hope to have my scripts clean and polished by Wednesday evening.  🙂

Take care, and see you here soon!

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