My first theatrical review

When I performed in plays in high school, we would sometimes be reviewed by the local paper, but today I have the privilege of publishing my own review of a production.  The opportunity came to me in the form of a costumed Boy #1 and Boy #2, along with a costumed Beautiful Wife, visiting the office troll in his cave to perform a scene from “Christopher Columbus at the Court of Spain.”

In short, I will say that Queen Isabella (played by Beautiful Wife) was a knockout (she should get more roles),  Christopher Columbus (played by Boy #1) communicated inspiring conviction, and Don Gomez (played by Boy #2) was well portrayed as a fiery skeptic.  The costume department deserves many kudos for their creative use of bathroom towels as royal adornment.

I was a bit surprised when Columbus began assaulting Don Gomez with kicks to the stomach, and right in front of Queen Isabella at that, but as a mathmatician turned theater critic I may be weak on my knowledge of important historical detail.  (And since when have artists let historical accuracy interfere with quality entertainment, anyway?)

Really, bravo!  I hope my cave will see many future performances of such quality and caliber. 🙂

4 thoughts on “My first theatrical review

  1. I was a bit surprised when Columbus began assaulting Don Gomez with kicks to the stomach….

    Isn’t it written somewhere that dramas like this need a fight scene at some point? It worked well for Russell Crowe.

    Maybe in the sequel, Columbus and the King will hold a Texas Death Match. (Never mind the fact that Texas hasn’t been discovered yet. LOL!)

  2. Congratulations on the debut and the review!

    Here are Christopher Colombus and King Ferdinand, politely and scientifically discussing the shape of the world on an old Bugs Bunny cartoon (one of my favorites, especially thanks to this scene).



    She’s a-round like the apple!
    She’s flat like the pancake!


    The world, she’s a-round like my head!
    She’s FLAT like your head!

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