William F. Buckley, Jr., 1925-2008

Love him or hate him, you knew where he stood.

William F. Buckley, Jr. dies at age 82.

You can read the AP article here.  Another version of it here.

Why am I noting this, when so many other famous people have died since I started this blog?  I’m not entirely certain.  Mr. Buckley was always someone I preferred to read instead of watch, yet watching him, too, held a unique entertainment value  that I have a hard time putting my finger on — rather like watching & listening to a very sly and highly intelligent Thurston J. Howell, III.

3 thoughts on “William F. Buckley, Jr., 1925-2008

  1. Ed Ewert

    I started reading NR when I was in High School. Those short pieces on the state of the USA and the state of the world at the beginning of the magazine were always interesting. I had a subscription to their magazine for a few years soon after. But I think I usually found Mr Buckley’s articles too obscure, such as: The place in history of England’s Prime Minister McMillan. His TV show Firing Line seemed often similarly obscure and uninteresting.

    Nonetheless, I respect his accomplishments, which include steering conservative America in the direction of rejecting anti-semitism, and also rejecting a conspiracy theory view of the world, such as the John Birch Society was inclined towards.

  2. I just wish I’d seen more of him. One thing he seemed to delight in was gently tweaking the noses of atheists when he was the moderator of debates between atheists and theists. Norman Geisler mentions a couple of examples in one of his books (I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FAITH TO BE AN ATHEIST, which you’ve been reading).

    On the other hand, you really don’t want to know what he put into his novels (if the one I read, SAVING THE QUEEN, is any indication).

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