Thanks, Joplin Area Folks!

Howdy, and it is good to be back!

Before I posted quickly on a completely unrelated topic, I just wanted to thank all of the Joplin area folks who worked so hard to make the Family Weekend a success.  My family and I had a fantastic time!  The messages, the fellowship, the activities — I really think all of it worked together wonderfully, and you guys and gals have every reason to be proud of the job you did.  I’m sure that God was pleased with the effort you put into serving all of us.  Really, thanks so much.

(We actually just got home this morning.  After leaving Neosho we drove to the Kansas City area to visit with some folks, planning to head eastward after that.  But feeling awake and alert outside the car doesn’t always translate to feeling awake and alert inside the car and behind the wheel, and both my wife and I decided pretty quickly before we got too far down I-70 that we ought to spend the night someplace, which we did.  It will be good to be in my own bed again here in a few short minutes…)

One thought on “Thanks, Joplin Area Folks!

  1. Terri

    I agree. The Joplin brethren hosted a terrific event. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to all of them who put their hearts and souls into creating a great time for all who participated.

    We were fortunate to be able to make it home despite the “wonderful” Iowa winter storm on Sunday. We left late enough that the main roads were well-cleared by the time we travelled them. So once again, “all things worked together for good.”

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