What is this MacBook doing in my house?

This is just a quick update to let my readers know that my wife and I have taken a big step.  I have purchased my wife a MacBook.  My own laptop is a Dell PC.  So, does that make us an interplatform couple?  Is there another word for that?

Your predictions are welcome: Will repeated exposure convert me into a Macophile?  Will she become frustrated and begin missing XP and PC-Land?  Will peace reign in the land as we experience the best of both worlds (for those of you who think there is a best in each world, that is)?  Or will our marriage collapse in a heap of Babel-styled confusion?

As for whether we need congratulations or prayers, I’ll let y’all be the judge. 🙂

13 thoughts on “What is this MacBook doing in my house?

  1. Maybe the more intuitive Mac will work better with her feminine brain and the more hierarchical PC will work better with your masculine brain.

    Maybe they should make PowerBooks in laptop size. Maybe you should’ve bought her one. 😉

  2. Aren’t Macs for liberals and PC’s for conservatives? (Even though those guys stand on opposite left-right sides in the Apple commercials.)

    I’ve noticed most Hollywood types use Macs. When I first started using Internet computers at public libraries (c. 1996), the Apples seemed simply too slow and cumbersome to me.

  3. mom t

    a congatulations is in order. I started out as a mac person, converted to a pc, but still have longings for my Mac.. I think it might be expressed as a Mac attack!!
    Just remember.. when working with Mac, if something isnt working right, your still in PC mode. Mac is easy mod. almost does all your thinking for you.
    when I had my Mac, someone who will remain undestribed, said he would help me fix a small problem I had with it. He had been to a fancy-spancy, pc type learning program. Well he sat down in front of the Mac, and very quickly learned, he was not god of the computer world.
    The only reason I converted was that, at the time, years ago, my pc platform didnt intergrate with some of the selling sights on the internet, but I do believe that has all be fixed. ( until some one upgrates something).If you are wanting to do graphics, like art and stuff, the mac blows pc out of the water.. my opinion, and my graphic artists son’s opinion too.
    Just make sure the kido’s #’s 1,2,3,&4 all have experience on both. happy mac-ing..

  4. Merrilee

    Congratulations to Mrs. Smith!! My prediction, Mr. Smith, is that you’ll be converted and dump that Dell by Feast time!!! Don’t the kiddos need a lap top anyway??

  5. A pc and a mac in the same house. That’s a recipe for disaster.

    As for the doing all your thinking for you… there’s truth to what you pay for in this department. On the surface, Apple does what it can to make programs behave like you think they should behave. Underneath, it’s unix. If anything ever goes horribly wrong, knowing dos isn’t going to help.

    Congratulations, though. Macs are as fun as linux toys. Plus, they bonus as something to use when you don’t want to think.

    If nothing else, remember to enable the firewall from within System Preferences that comes disabled.

  6. Deano

    I picked up a MacBook a while back and I am still learning how to use it. So far I have no complaints. It’s a sweet machine! I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

  7. Hahaha the entiiiiiiiire rest of my family has dells. I think there are like three dell laptops and a dell desktop in my house? My dad, in particular, has gone through a steady procession of Inspirons and Latitudes. I, myself, have an Inspiron….

    ….but I also have a MacBook, and I love it WAY more than my old Dell.

  8. M.B.

    I think you’ll end up wanting a Mac, too.

    Last year my sister bought a PC laptop from HP and had tons of problems with Vista. I wanted to buy a laptop but I was quite afraid of Vista’s slow speed and frequent crashes, so I bought a Mac for the very first time in my life. The results: I still haven’t met my first bug or crash on my MacBook yet, and I dare say it’s the best computer I ever worked with.

  9. Several people have told me that – when it comes to personal finance – macs are much better business machines than pc’s. Everything from spread sheets to monetary transfers.

    I’m impressed by their loyalty. I might actually take the plunge, and buy a mac myself. (I just hope they’re not a bunch of rabid Klingons).

  10. troy riggs

    If it comes down to mac or pc to have my daughter back so be it I will also register in Texas to complete her final education, so there mr agggggggggggggggie dad

  11. Craig

    What!? Some of your family has forsaken the dark side??? Didn’t you say that your wife was the smartest in the family? This absolutely proves it. LOL

    I predict that the boys will want to use Macs rather than PCs. Introduce them to garageband—much better than a video game. As far as your wife is concerned, I’m sure she will love Leopard. Of course you could just change it into a PC by buying a copy of XP and run it under Bootcamp.

    You didn’t say exactly what your wife is using it for? Knowing this I might offer some comments as to what software she might find useful. If you don’t have WiFi consider Time Capsule. Time Machine will automatically back up to it, and you can easily connect yourself to the Airport Extreme network with your PC. Unfortunately your DELL cannot not run at the same 802.11n speed as the MacBook.

    The only thing frustrating about Macs is there are a few great PC programs that are not available for Macs. I still haven’t found decent (free) Bible software, so use Online Bible running under Parallels and XP.

  12. Ducky

    My husband is a self-admitting Microsoft Fanboy, if I can use that terminology 🙂 and when we were dating I bought a clamshell iBook that he strenuously objected to (aka “The Toilet Seat” which he came to refer to it as). But hey, in the end he still married me, and he even bought me a brand new MacBook which he hasn’t invented a derogatory nickname for… so we are living proof that a Mac-owner and a PC-owner can, in the end, co-exist very peacefully in the same tiny apartment 🙂

  13. Hello, I’m a mutt. I’m certified MCSA, work on Linux and am called a Mac enthusiast. I even have my Mac and PC on the same keyboard-video-mouse switch. My software choices are more strangely mixed using FireFox, Outlook Express, VIM and iLife.

    Now if you can train the kids to switch OSes and applications they will be more computer literate and unentrenched in particular products. They will come to appreciate interoperability.

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