Missed the Most-Excellent Concave-Dish…

Missed the Super Bowl last night. The last time I sat down with friends to watch a Super Bowl there was a wardrobe malfunction, so in the event there was a non-coincidental connection between my presence and the quality of the half time performance, I hope my absence meant better things this time around. 🙂

We rented a movie, instead. However, while the popcorn was a’poppin’ (catch watch a movie without popcorn!), the boys and I did take in some action at the beginning of the third quarter. The boys immediately decided to root for the guys in the “blue shirts” so you can imagine their disappointment to find out last night on the news that the Blue Shirt Team had lost.

Though, I’m sure it was not the disappointment that some of you out there felt, nor was it equivalent, I am just as sure, to the elation others of you felt at the victory of the White Shirt Team.

So, I suppose this entry is just a chance to convey my sympathies/congratulations, whichever may apply. The boys cheered themselves up this morning playing with Legos™, so if you are a Blue Shirt Team fan out there I highly recommend it. 😀

2 thoughts on “Missed the Most-Excellent Concave-Dish…

  1. I watched the game. Gave me an excuse to come inside and get warm. Loved that corn bread and hot chilli. Plus, the Giants won. Always root for the underdog.

  2. I chose not to watch this year, and did what I’ve done several times over the years on Super Bowl Sunday night. I began a day of prayer and fasting (sunset to sunset) to officially kick off pre-Passover self-examination.

    While everybody was focused on football, I chose to focus on something more important — or should I say Someone.

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