Chess Champion turned Guerilla Warrior

OK, one more kid story–just happened about 30 minutes ago. But to help set the stage, you have to first hear one of my favorite Aggie jokes. (And, again, as a Texas A & M/Aggieland graduate, myself, I can say that in actuality there are no Aggie jokes, only true stories…)

Q: What do you do when an Aggie throws a pin at you?

A: You’d better run. He’s holding a grenade in his mouth.

That said, Boy #3 (six-year-old chess champion) was lamenting that I am not letting him watch TV. His mother and two older brothers are upstairs doing schoolwork with Mom, while he and younger brother (Boy #4, four years old) are stuck down here near Dad’s office cave, and he is hankering for some TV.

I explain that he already gets a good bit of television–perhaps more than he should–and that I want the two of them to play. “Play what?” comes the inevitable question. Well, be creative–make something, draw something, pretend something. “But that’s hard!” comes the equally inevitable follow up whine. Well, yes, it takes work to use your brain–especially when what you really want is a “brain vacation” in No Thinking Land in front of the television. The fact that you think it is hard is all the more reason not to turn on the TV.

After some additional fascinating lecture, they seem to get the point (I am very motivational, after all), and begin to get excited about pretending something, so I am able to go back to work.

What do they decide to pretend? They take some foam baseballs, some rubberbands, rubber “eye cups” from some binoculars, and some clothespins, they put them together to make “grenades” (rubber band holds eye cup to baseball, clothespin clips onto eye cup), and they go around the house pulling the “pins” (the clothespins), throwing them, and blowing things up.

Apparently, Luke 3:14’s “Do violence to no man” is not quite in their vocabulary, yet…

Anyway, what really prompted me to write about it was seeing Boy #3 stand in my office doorway, pull the “pin” from his “grenade”, and then promptly throw the pin down the hallway while holding on to the grenade.

Looks like my Aggie DNA has been successfully passed on to another generation! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Chess Champion turned Guerilla Warrior

  1. Quite the ‘living’ witness, the Family Smith!

    The not-so-funny thing is, we’re all barely grown four year olds.

    And in the church more often than not, more like two year olds with barely a tiny grasp of the reality that awaits Firstfruits, and so few to shepherd us to be otherwise.

    You are one of the few!

    The volume of TW televison responses says it all.

    Viewers respond to those with the other “R” word going for them… those they relate to beyond the concordance.

    So keep on…

  2. I *could* tell an Aggie joke, but I’m not an Aggie. Instead I’ll tell a Star Trek joke, one that applies generally to the human condition. (One could imagine this joke being told among “aliens”, that is, non-Humans, at Quark’s Bar…)

    Q: How many Humans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    A: One. He puts the light bulb in its socket, and then waits for the rest of the Universe to revolve around him.

    Have a great Sabbath!
    John Wheeler (יוחנן רכב)

  3. I taught Jonny and Tommy how to make grenades out of popsicle sticks. Basically, you weave them together into a star shaped object. When you toss them, they “explode.”

    I regretted doing that. I could hear them laughing and the running through the house. When I tried to clamp down, I got shelled by several rounds.

    Off the subject – but one Aggie story. I told Dennis not to stand directly in front of the bull. Being eighteen years old, he promptly decided to ignor my advice. The bull pinned him against the fence and fractured a couple of his ribs.

    I didn’t have much sympathy for Dennis. In fact, I yelled at him with some colorful language which I now regret. I did take care of him, though.

  4. Joni

    Do you have directions for the popsicle stick throwing star? Need them ASAP for a cub scout campout! THANKS.

  5. Howdy, Joni!

    Since this is an old post, I doubt that the commenter will come back any time soon. However, I looked it up on YouTube and found a LOT of instructional videos. Looks pretty simple! For example, here’s one I found with a quick search:

    “Popsicle Stick Bomb”

    Just don’t blame me for any collateral damage! 🙂

    (And that may not be the best video–it was just the first one I found, but there are apparently many out there.)

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