It’s best to be prepared

Rope?  Check.
Flare guns?  Check.
Binoculars? Check.
Map?  Check.
Grappling hook?  Check.
Bowie knife?  Check.
Rations? Check.

Alright.  I’m ready to clean the office.

6 thoughts on “It’s best to be prepared

  1. Steve

    This made me laugh. I enjoyed it.

    I’ve visited several COG websites where they talk about physical preparation for ordinary disasters, like hurricanes or wildfires. Then they list physical preparation for the end time.

    I work a small ranch. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the inability of people to endure the weather. I’ve had college kids who wilt in the summer heat or winter cold. I outwork them, even though I’m 52 years old.

    I’ve mentioned this to COG members a number of times. Their atitude? “It’s okay, God will protect me.” Apparently, I can sit at a desk, get no exercise, and buzz the air conditioner. God will make sure that everyone gets room service in the place of safety.

    All I have to is bring a rope, binoculars, and a bowie knife… !

  2. Ray Schaefer

    Now I finally understand why I have not gotten my apartment clean. It is not because I am lazy. It is because I do not have flares, grappling hook, a bowie knife, etc.

  3. Howdy, Mr. Steve & Mr. Schaefer —

    Mr. Schaefer: I’m glad I have been able to help you. Serving is what I live for. 🙂

    Mr. Steve: I don’t know if those things will be necessary for the place of safety or not, since I am unsure as to whether or not the place of safety will contain my office. If so, I would recommend them…

    Thanks, again!
    Wallace Smith

  4. I was being a little sarcastic in my first comment. That was the tone of your post, so I replied with some sarcasm of my own…

    I personally don’t believe that anyone can survive the end time with physical preparations. My sarcasm was directed towards certain COG groups, not your website.

    Their physical preparations don’t include binoculars, rope, or grappling hooks. Their physical preparations include things like a passport, a couple of suitcases full of clothes, and a wallet full of cash. It’s a COG version of the same attitude.

    The place of safety is not going to be a five star hotel, complete with room service. If people want to make physical preparations, then they should focus on getting some exercise and enduring themselves to the elements.

    Spiritually preparation is the key, not gadgets like passports. That was my point.

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