Was that a flying monkey? WAS THAT TOTO?!?

Anyone watching the weather tonight and keeping track of the severe thunderstorm and tornado outbreak in these parts might wonder if my family and I are still here in Missouri or if, instead, we have been blown into Illinois.

We are, indeed, still here.  The weather has been exciting, to be sure…  Taking things seriously, my wife and I moved Boys 1-4 down into the lower lever of our little home and then unfolded the old downstairs couch for ourselves.  I have been up watching the weather waiting for things to calm down a bit, and I should be headed for sleepy land here in a few moments.

Apparently this is the price we are paying for the fantastic non-winter winter weather yesterday and today, with highs around 70 and the upper 60s (that’s in Fahrenheit for my Celsius-loving friends out there!).

Saying up tonight and watching for warnings has afforded me some opportunities to see more TV than usual, including some new sights.  For instance, I saw my first beginning-to-end Glenn Beck TV broadcast (used to hear him on radio in Texas), which was apparently his return to the the airwaves after a horrible medical experience.  (Of course, those of you who keep up better than I do were already aware of this, weren’t you?)  His praise for his wife at the end and his honest emotion was really touching, and I am glad that things turned out the way they did for him.

Also, I watched one of the “When Weather Changed History” episodes on the Weather Channel (my main diet tonight during this “vigil”), which was about the role that cold weather played in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.  That brought back a lot of memories — being the young science buff, space nut, Shuttle fan, and aspiring high school math teacher that I was at the time, the events of that day really had an impact on me.

[Note: As I typed that last paragraph, my cellphone and my television beeped simultaneously to let me know that the Severe Thunderstorm Warning for our area has just now expired, although the Tornado Watch is still in effect until 5:00am this morning.  TV, laptop, cellphone… I feel so “multimedia.”  So utterly unnecessarily multimedia…] 🙂

The weather pattern is expected to continue packing a punch in these parts for some time, but hopefully tonight was the worst of it.  While I’m certainly not interested in death and destruction, I must say that, generally, rain is welcome, and I will enjoy it tomorrow, assuming it hangs around as the talking weather heads have been predicting.  I just wish I could bottle it up and send it to Charlotte and the parched southeast.  (The Weather Channel just now reported that 66.2% of North Carolina remains in “exceptional drought”.)

They say that this sort of weather in January is very unusual.  I would say that they had better get used to it.  More details in our free booklet: “Who Controls the Weather?”  (Request a free copy to be mailed to you, here.)

Well, thanks for putting up with this less than informative post (except for the very informative booklet linked to above–read it!), but my eyes are beginning to itch as if I were forcing them open and rubbing fistfuls of wookie hair into them.  I think the string of late nights is getting to me a bit!  Tomorrow I hope to post some neat links I came across today, but for now it is time to torture my family by filling the single room downstairs in which everyone is sleeping with my melodious snoring.

Good night!

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