Currently in a Black Hole

Well, we made it back safely early Tuesday evening, but various fires that needed to be put out (figurative, thankfully!) kept me from jumping online.

Now, a down cable connection is doing the same thing, limiting me, once again, to using my Blackjack to connect with the outside world… I really do appreciate this little guy, but I am getting a bit tired of typing on this tiny keyboard!

The cable guy (surely not Jim or Larry) is supposed to be out today to look at the problem, which has our “land line” phone out, too. In the mean time, I am busy doing all I can without an Internet connection or e-mail (for some reason, my e-mail isn’t currently being picked up by my phone, either). It’s amazing how dependent we get on our gadgets!

Still, I’m not so dependent that I am twiddling my thumbs (actually, typing on this tiny keyboard I suppose that is what I am doing!), and I have plenty to do until my umbilical cord to the outside world is connected once again. And at least our heater is working again (it was not when we arrived Tuesday evening), so I can work without my Elmer Fudd hat on.

So, off to my very offline work I go. You may now resume your scheduled surfing. 🙂

What are you thinking?

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