Safe and sound in Charlotte

Howdy, all!

This is just a quick note to those of you who have been praying for a safe trip to Charlotte for my family and me and for the telecast work I will be doing tomorrow.  We are here, indeed, safe and sound!  The weather, while cool and wet, seems much more pleasant here than it is back in our part of Missouri.

Many here at the Living Church of God headquarters are very busy, tending to their usual tasks in the Work along with the extra effort being put into the anniversary weekend coming up in a few short days.  From the discussions I have heard, it looks as though it is going to be a fantastic weekend, with something for everyone.

I will be taping at least one Tomorrow’s World program tomorrow relating to the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” in the book of Revelation, assuming I can trim another 1,200 words off of my current script draft!  I have another script in the works concerning where those who die without ever hearing the Gospel stand in relation to salvation, but it still has a good bit of development to do and I don’t know if it will be complete before tomorrow.  (Prayers for God’s help would be appreciated in that regard!)  So many have a question about loved ones who have died without knowing Jesus Christ or about those who have lived and died all over the world without even so much as hearing the name of Jesus Christ, and the truth on the matter is so wonderful that I care a great deal about getting that script just right.

I have high hopes that I can finish the second script in time to film tomorrow.  But if not tomorrow, at least I will already have one ready to go for the next visit!

I will try to post something later this week if I have an opportunity.  Our hotel has WiFi this time, so I can actually work on the keyboard instead of on my Blackjack II.  And even though I am typing on a real keyboard now, my thumbs still need some rehabilitation for all the cellphone typing I have done lately.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Safe and sound in Charlotte

  1. Christine

    Hi Mr. Smith,
    I am looking forward to the program that you describe as I still have unanswered questions about deceased loved ones. I thank God for our ministers in LCG bringing the truth out for all to see if they will. You have a special presence as a presenter and I do pray God will use that presence in a mighty way. I absolutely love to read this site each day to see what news you have posted. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Wow, Christine, thank you so much for writing in, and for your kind words, as well.

    It is such a blessing to get to work with the team here at headquarters, and the spirit here is amazing. I am so thankful that God allows me to work on the telecast, and I love every minute of it.

    As I may post later, I was not able to finish the second script. I could have put it together, perhaps, but I didn’t want it to be a “slapped together” program (God’s Word deserves better!). So, I decided to stop it where it is until I can finish it up right.

    And that turned out to be a good thing, as the filming day was rather packed as it is. 🙂

    Really, thanks again for your kind comments. They mean a lot.

    Take care —
    Wallace Smith

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