Two links for Mrs. D

Howdy!  This is a bit of a utilitarian post for a friend out there, Mrs. D, who has not been able to receive an e-mail of mine.  For some reason, Charter is absolutely convinced that I am sending spam in that e-mail, so I am giving up trying to get it through and just posting the links here for Mrs. D to click on.  They both concern the recent find of gold in Egypt, which I mentioned in one of our telecasts this year covering Biblical prophecy and the Middle East.

Mrs. D, please find below the trouble making e-mail you have been unable to read.

Have a great Sabbath!

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Howdy, Mrs. D —

My wife said that you were interested in a source for the gold find in Egypt. I could not find a blog entry, but I do have some sources for you. On my telecast, “End Times Powers of the Middle East” I referenced a March 25, 2007 article in The Middle East Times that reported on the story.

The Middle East Times online search engine produced too many unrelated articles for me to weed through them to find the article again, but I did find a copy of the article at the Middle East Economic Engineering Forum. That copy is here:

Also, here is a related article from the Middle East Times:

I hope this helps!

Best regards,
Wallace Smith

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