The Gospel on your Mobile Phone

Having only recently gotten a “smartphone” (no, you Macmaniacs, not an iPhone, for reasons I may explain later), websites optimized for mobile phone use have not gotten too much of my attention until now.

So, I was pleased as punch to discover that we have a Tomorrow’s World mobile phone website!  Here’s the link:

Very nice.  Actually, I was able to take advantage of it to do some work on a new script for the telecast while waiting for some food in the foodcourt at the mall — a pleasant distraction to help drown out the Christmas music that was being piped into my brain (come on, sing it with me and good ol’ Andy Williams: “It’s the most dangerous time for your ears…”).

I hope to add a good mobile phone Bible to my resources soon, and I already have a few to choose from.

Any suggestions from you long time smartphone users would be very welcome.  In the meantime, thank God that the time has come when we can preach the gospel all over the world (and fulfill the prophecy of Matthew 24:14) using devices so tiny that literally fit into people’s shirt pockets.  Amazing.

4 thoughts on “The Gospel on your Mobile Phone

  1. Have used freebie Bible+ for about three or four years now on my palm Trëo plus support from drSrrong’s, JFB,Clarke’s and others. is a reliable source.

    Trouble is palm may be out of gas one of these days and iPhone is a mere toy for vid & pic & music buffs rather than a PDA, so I am the one looking for suggestions these days. I’ve worn out two batteries and don’t want to buy two new ones for a phone near unto death.

    So what to do??

  2. “So what to do” turned out to be a visit to our local and friendly fone store.

    We’ll power up the latest GPS-capable model 4U, give you two new long life batteries, and you can continue to use all those expensive accessories you have plus all your Bibles, lexicons, dictionaries and concordances.

    And we won’t restrict you to keyboard-only mode or touch screen-only mode.

    U can continue to use both.

    Need superior text and spreadsheet editing capability on your fone?
    Wall Street Journal says it’s the best.

    “So what to do?” turned into a quick “What a deal” and all at our local friendly fone store.

    And after rebates, nary a penny was spent!

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