Where am I? What is this “blog” thing with my name on it?

A very delayed “Howdy” to everyone!  And a big “I’m sorry” for having taken so long to write again.  I have been so behind in so many ways that it just didn’t seem right to spend any time on the blog when there were so many other things to do.  Of course, it felt wrong to go so long without posting, as well…  Blogger’s Guilt strikes again!

During this time (what I think is the longest break I have taken since I began blogging, though I am not sure), there have been way too many things pop up for me to comment on.  I have kept a running list and a stack of newspaper articles, but I may just have to give up — otherwise, the intimidating pressure to comment on everything will keep me from commenting on anything!  On the other hand, I might just limit it to those things that are quirky enough or timeless enough (as opposed to items that have been all over the news and/or are very time-sensitive) that a comment might still be worthwhile.  Perhaps a potpourri is in order later today or tomorrow.

Let me say again: thanks so much to all who prayed for my mother’s recovery, as well as for our trek up an unexpectedly menacing Kansas highway (when the big ice stuff started coming in).  Mom is home, now, with three stents keeping her arteries open.  When I spoke to her on the phone yesterday, she seemed to be doing very well and sounded like her pre-massive heart attack self, except for the sense of exhaustion which she still wrestles with.  However, the doctor and visiting nurses specialists say that she should be getting over that soon (around the beginning of next month) as she begins to be able to step up her rehab efforts.  I am very thankful that all has gone so well–and thankful, too, for so many caring friends and family out there who kept us on their minds.

I am still horrifically behind on too many things and feel quite “submerged,” I must admit, but at least I feel that I am getting my upstretched nostrils above the surface!  Hence my return to blogging.

I’ll try to go over my collection of items tonight and see if there is anything worth doing a “quick hit” on for a topical potpourri entry tomorrow.  Until then, please accept my apologies for taking so long to post a new entry!  And thanks for your patience.

Warm regards (during a very cold day!),
Wallace Smith

2 thoughts on “Where am I? What is this “blog” thing with my name on it?

  1. Dear Mr. Smith,

    It is enough to know that you and your family are well. Don’t feel pressured to respond to every news item passed on by me or others. It is enough that you profit from them and grow because of them. One way or another, that will help us and others.

    Blessings in Messiah,
    יוחנן רכב

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