Should Be Missouri-bound Tonight

Howdy, again, everyone.

Well, all is looking well today for my mother’s return home and our return to Missouri.  The angioplasty and implanting of stent #3 went well yesterday, although there was some difficulty in stopping the bleeding at her thigh afterwards.  She is bright and alert (though keeping still after the procedure while the thigh opening healed was difficult, as I know some of you can attest and have told me, before) and if all went well overnight she should go home today.  I am currently in Waco reclaiming our children (they have been here with family having a wonderful time while we have been in Dallas) and we are leaving this morning to go back to see Mom.  Hopefully she will be home by the time we get there, though she may be wrapping things up in the hospital.

So many of you have told me that you have prayed for Mom, and you have my gratitude.  The days that follow will be full of some physical rehab stuff which (three times a week at a minimum is my understanding) and will be no fun, I am sure, but I suspect that she will begin to feel much better than she did in the months leading up to all of this.

As for us, we will likely drive overnight tonight while the kiddos are sleeping and arrive in the “Show Me” state early Thursday, which is timely as I have some business in KC tomorrow afternoon.  The patience of all of you in my church areas has been greatly appreciated!

It will certainly be a shock to our systems.  Temperatures here in Texas have been wonderful: generally in the 70s (or not far from) during the day and cool in the evenings. I see on the bottom left corner of my browser (WeatherBug info) that the temperature in the city where we live in East Missouri is currently 31.5°F with a low predicted tonight of 19°F.  System shock, indeed!

I may not be able to post anything new for a couple of days due to the lack of a connection (my in-laws have WiFi here in Waco) and my business in KC, but I will be back as soon as I can be.  I’m certainly ready for things to return to normal!  Well, to our particular brand of normal, at least. 🙂  There have been tons of items in the news (and otherwise) that I would have loved to have posted on (as I saw when did some cram surfing last night when my umbilical cord to the internet was reestablished), and I have noted them in the hopes that I would, indeed, get around to it.  Of course, by then new things will have come up.  But, still, one can dream!

Thanks, again —
Wallace Smith

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