Good News So Far

Howdy, all —

This is a quick update on how things are with my mom.  But first, thanks so much to everyone who mentioned to me that they had prayed for her.  Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.

Things currently look very good for Mom.   The last couple of days were hard to judge, as she has been on a cocktail of drugs to help level out various blood-related substances (e.g., blood sugar, potassium, et al.) that were out of wack, and the cocktail had made her incredibly “loopy.”  Thus “under the influence,” she wasn’t thinking clearly and was obviously incoherent, fading in and out of chemically induced sleep.  However, today things brightened and she was both moved into a regular room (that is, out of ICU) and the drugs were stopped, allowing her to think normally.  Although very tired, she really does seem herself, now, and the sleep she experienced today seemed very sound and “normal” compared to the sleep she experienced in ICU.  We’re not sure when she’ll be released (some decisions are being made about a possible third stent), but things do look very positive.

Again, thanks so much to those of you who offered prayers on her behalf.  Though she is not in the church, experiencing the caring nature of God’s people makes a difference (and an impression).

I will try to write again when I get a chance, but regrettably the hospital does not have public wireless Internet access, so options to do webwork are rare and blogging is often pushed out by other priorities — right now, for instance, sleeping is about to overtake blogging as a priority!

Take much care, and I will be in touch when I can.  (For those of you in our church areas, I will try to add an update to our local area website, as well, with info about when we might be back.)

Warm (and grateful) regards,
Wallace Smith

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