Unexpectedly heading out of town

Howdy, everyone —

This is just a quick note to say that I am heading out of town unexpectedly and that I may not be able to provide moderation approval for any comments you leave for a few days, since I am unsure as to how much internet access I will have.  It seems that over the weekend my mother in Texas experienced a stroke and a heart attack (!) so we are headed down to be with her.  My step-father says that the doctors believe she is no longer in danger, but we want to get there all the same.  (I am currently online suspending mail delivery and the like in the midst of our preparations, so it seemd a good time to leave this comment.)

Thanks for your patience, and I’ll be back when I’m back!

Warm regards,
Wallace Smith

2 thoughts on “Unexpectedly heading out of town

  1. Howdy, and thanks, so much, Mrs. Jewsbury. As you may have read in the most recent blog entry, things are really looking up. We should know more tomorrow (Friday).

    Thanks so much for your prayers. They are very much appreciated.

    Warm regards,
    Wallace Smith

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