How to make a little kid happy

Shortly before I came out here to the lobby to work and write, my youngest boy–whose birthday was today (that’s right: Boy #4 actually turned 4)–came up to me in his cute little pajama pants and asked me very sincerely and, it seemed, somewhat concerned: “How long am I going to be four?”

I responded, “Well, for a whole year!”

Boy, he put on the biggest wow-am-I-a-happy-little-dude grin I’ve seen in a while!

We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for the trip home, so I won’t try to predict the state of my Internet connectivity until we get back.  For those of you who will have comments stuck in moderation until then, my apologies!

By the way, it was a fantastic Sabbath, today, and Mr. Rod King’s sermon on the prophecy, the current state of the UK and the EU, and the coming impact of the new European constitution treaty was absolutely phenomenal.  I would happily steal his comments and shamelessly use them in a sermon of my own — if only to make sure my congregations heard them! — but thankfully the sermon is going to be turned into a “Must Play” for all congregations to hear in the near future.  It’s tempting to comment on some of the sermon at least a little bit right now, but with all the driving we are going to be doing tomorrow, I simply HAVE to get some sleep!

My many thanks to those of you reading this in Charlotte who made our stay so wonderful.  It is always a pleasure, and I count it a real blessing that my work in the church brings me up here from time to time.  Again, thanks so much!

Warm regards,
Wallace Smith

2 thoughts on “How to make a little kid happy

  1. If only this little text box allowed that little trick of crossing out thoughts en route (pun intended). Or that I knew whatever coding might make that trick work.

    Thank you for not spoiling Mr. King’s “surprise”. And welcome home.

    יוחנן רכב

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